Sunday, February 18, 2007

bowling night!

Friday Night, to get some excitement in my life,
we all decided to go bowling!

Cool Slideshows

This is me trying to Bowl! I don't know why they caught the worst frame on camera, but what you going to do!

This is Fuzzy trying to Bowl, He's really not that bad, he actually got over a 100 in the last game, but this was him when we first started! So Funny!



Playboy Adonis said...

Bowling seems so primitive. Takes me back to the cave-men days. Did you win? That's something to do every other weekend or so.

ShawnQt said...

It did give me a rush!
It reminds me of Flinstones since Fred and Barney always went. My team won the first game, and I did good that game... the last one, I was getting too tired, so I sucked big time!

I AM WHO I AM said...

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Marz said...

NO shade, but you look REALLY TALL (and FLY) in those pics. I always want to let the tongues of my shoes hang out, but it never looks like that. DAMN!!!!!

Only my skinny jeans let that happen.


Dayne Avery said...

Those balls just love that left side gutter huh? LOL. I like that shirt.

Ladynay said...

Yes you look fly. I like the close cut thing Fuzzy got going on too.

Fun Fun I wanna go bowling! LOL

CJ said...

I like the outfit shawnie wanie

Rodney said...

I can't bowl for ish! And you look fly alright... fly enough to swat!

Just kidding... you know I think you're the cutest thing on two legs. And the outfit is the business!