Friday, January 26, 2007

favorite logos

I just wanted to show you guys some of my favorite logos I have designed at my job:



pono said...

Hawke wins! Needs a color adjust though...

the first logo talks to building leadership.. but the pics are of male and female introverts sitting alone brooding and thinking about all the peeps on their TO KILL lists at school. The message of the graphic is inverse to the legend.

the second logo is also confused. most salons are used by women 99% of the time. The legend is cute.. Mane... but lionesses do not have manes.. only the male lions do do.
Does the message match the targeted customers???

your work?

Playboy Adonis said...

I like all 3 logos. They are rather huge though, do you have smaller versions for bcards and other small print items?

I think the kids sitting on separate levels, while educating themselves, definitely shows building of leaders. Leaders know that it takes individual time and quiet time to strengthen their minds and skills.

I would assume that the Mane logo is primarily for male customers because the lion looks has if he has a mustache. The lettering is spaced licely.

I have never been a fan of architectural or renovatorial logos. They all look dull. I had to redesign one companies logo that took about 5 redesigns to get it right. Sorry Shawn I feel like I put you on blast when I mentioned filing for bankruptcy in my last comment. Thought I'd just squeeze that in don't know you and I guess leaving these comments over time made me feel too comfortable considering this has been the only method of communication. I had a contemporary idea and they wanted to stick with their 20 year logo. We eventually chose the one I had in mind but I had to gradually get there over the 5 redesigns until they saw that I had a great idea in the beginning.

I like the green color although the hawk or eagle does not have enough depth and detail. Who chose the green and was it the first choice?

ShawnQt said...

@ pono

Thanks man!
The client loved the Hawke logo. It is actually part of a three in one logo, for the company. Each department has a different color. This dept. tests the soil before building something on that area... so we wanted to do something that represented the earth, and went with that color green.

I wanted to show the process of studying, planning, and learning... which I beleive are the building blocks of success and leadership.

The "Mane" logo is a new logo that the client hasn't looked at yet. Actually the Hair Salon is a male and female place, so it was hard to create a logo that will cater to both owners who are both sexes.

@ playboy

do they look huge on screen? or just your screen? lol. I do have it for smaller versions.

With Hawke, they first logo was old as dirt, so i wanted to use a bright color to bring them into the new century!

Don't worry about the comments, i don't mind them! Anything I dont like, i will delete, lol.

Marz said...

i like them all the second was my favorite. i liked the concept of the third one also.