Thursday, January 25, 2007


Sometimes I hate being an adult!

You think that once you get older, and get a job, you can do anything! Yeah Right! I had a friend of mine do my taxes last night, and I am NOOOOOO where getting as much money as I did last year, so that puts a dent into me buying a new computer. Damn Bush! What you going to do? I can't make the IRS give me more money! So I was like, well I can use half the money to get the new computer, and half of my savings to get the rest... but I wanted to get it now! So I called up, ordered the computer, and it seems like my credit is not up to par with me getting monthly payments. (Note: Never let your parents open up accounts in your name!) I don't want to pay the money all upfront! I don't like to make haste decisions when it comes to money. You never know what might happen! My car could break down! Someone might need to borrow money. I might have to pay an extra bill! So I told them to hold it, until I was ready to order.

sigh. I love that computer...

But maybe it is for the best. So I had to "man up" and think logical.

First I have to count my blessings. I have a resonable amount of rent, I have a two bedroom apartment, I have cable, internet, & a house phone, my student loan bills are not that high, I have a cell phone with unlimited text messages, I always have something to eat, I have a 4runner that I got for free, I can actually afford my car insurance, gas has went down to $2 a gallon, I have nice clothes, I can buy any action figure I want, and I have a reasonable amount of money every week. I actually enjoy going to work everyday, and finally feel like I have a career. Not to mention I have a wonderful boyfriend, great friends, a supportive mother, and GOD is hottest thing right now!

My life is really not that bad, so if I can't get a new computer, its ok.
So what I'm going to do is just take my computer to somewhere that can fix the problem, and just keep it until the money comes in where I can buy a new one. Fixing it will be much less then anyway. Just erase everything, and start over! I don't have the original windows xp cd, but Im sure they can figure something out.

I'll focus on getting my credit together, and just save the money for a real emergency.
I'm sure GOD will send some money my way, if I need it, and deserve it.

I just had to let this out because it was really bothering me.
Thanks for listening.


Soldier said...

It's ok that u cant have the comp now. In a few months, not only will you be able to get it, but you will have also re-organized your finances so you'll just snap your fingers and get it without worrying.
And who knows ? Maybe u'll get a better one (sales happen, prices drop,... all that good stuff) !!!

Playboy Adonis said...

Shawn, why have I been in need of a new computer for about 3 years. I've had my laptop for about 5 years now. Thankfully I have not had to have any claims on the warranty except getting my new battery last year. Compaqs are lifelong companions. The new man's best friend.

I hate to see us want stuff that we can't get or have to forsake something else to get the things we truly want. But...wants vs needs

I can't even install any new software or risk overload of something crazy. Good for me I have visual studio 2005 on it as well as sql server 2005. I also have the entire Adobe CS suite and Macromedia MX 2004 so I am good to go. I still want a new laptop though. The newer ones are so sweet and have tons of gigabytes of space. I can get lost in my computer and feel like a kid again.

Maybe you can file bankruptcy with your tax return...just a thought...moving forward young man...LOL

My W2's have not even arrived yet. And I am ready to make a phone call and complain. WTF. I wanted to beat the rush...

Does your friend know all the new tax law changes for 2006?

I used to file my own taxes but one year I went to H&R Block and let them figure things out. I had myself in a negative but after they redid everything, I had a phat ass return Federal return and State return. I was smiling for weeks...until I spent it all then I was sad again.

Anyhow, investments are sexy...

heartbreaker said...

aw, i'm gonna send u more texts now lol i'm sooo happy for you with all that is going well for you and admire you for it, i know how it can be when you don't get what you want but blogging ALWAYS helps get it off of your mind, it'll come in it's due time and I LOVE THAT "God is the hottest thing right now..." I'm using that phrase tomorrow! you the best! text u later! ;)

Queer Kid Of Color said...

I got dibbs on your computer!

I need one for college.


ShawnQt said...

@ solider
thanks for the confidence, Im going to remain strong and stay with my EgyptXL! I will reboot it and start it all over again.

@ Playboy
You preaching to the choir! I Hear u man! I'm not going to stress over the money, Im glad Im getting something back. I feel something bigger is coming!

@ Heart
Do u have my number, I know u changed urs?

@ Queer
I got this bad boy for a couple more months, we will see!

Marz said...


priceless shawn, just priceless.

yes adulthood is sucky and yucky and i am not looking forward to joining that club.

p.s. god is always the hottest thing honey. just sometimes the volcano erupts and sometimes the fire is just still. wink

Marz said...

oh also, you might want to look into investing money. i hear that's the new hottest thing. i'm trying to start this month.