Monday, January 29, 2007

Today is Monday

Picture It? BLOGGER : The Movie!
Think about it... our lives are pretty interesting for a movie! Every day I go to, which is a website where you can add all your favorite blogs, and find out who has updated instantly! Myself, Fuzzy, and Ty use it, and it is very helpful! I read over 20 blogs, and I still need to add more. I don't always comment because sometimes I'm at work, and they call me to do something else, but I do TRY!

Today I found out that my ex updated his blog. Seems that he has a new boyfriend, and he is really happy with his results from the gym. Even had some new photos up. I'm happy for him! I miss him a little. Just because you end a relationship doesn't mean you stop caring for someone, especially if you spent 2 years of your life with him. I am overly happy with Fuzzy, but it would be nice to talk to him and see what he is up to as friends. Last time I saw him, we were both in a restaurant on different sides. He was with his friends, and I was with mine. It was very awkward for me. I really didn't want to ignore him, but I didn't know how to react when I saw him, or how he would react to me. I don't like that uncomfortable feeling. In any case, maybe I will shoot him an e-mail if he hasn't read my blog already.

I always love Clay's Blog, because he has interesting topics to have a debate about. Can Obama and Hillary take the president's spot? My comment was, even if America is not ready for a black man and a white woman, then at least they will pave the way for a Black Woman, aka OPRAH!


Then I was reading Keith Boykin & Darian's blog about the whole cancellation o Noah's Arc. To me, that's bullshit. I love that show, and what is going to happen to my Noah's Arc night! I already have a AMERICAN IDOL NIGHT... and even a small HEROES Night... but in the summer, we look forward to Noah and the crew! So now they are going to pick up the show and make it a movie... great, I think? NEWARK IS NOT GOING TO PLAY THAT MOVIE! I have to go to New York to see it, and what about everyone else? sigh. I will give the actors more money, there will be a bigger budget for a bigger story... but I don't know about this. Will sending letters or marching work? I mean this is all about dollar and cents at the end of the day. I will go out and buy the 2nd season on DVD, but then again I wouldn't mind a box set of both seasons. I have to think harder on the subject to see where I stand.

I so wish I could listen to Trent Jackson's Radio Show at work... when I get home, I have so much to do I forget to tune in, but when no one is in the office, I do crank it up. I love you T, always know that! Me and T would talk about what was going on Blogopia, and it would be so funny! That's why we need a movie!

This post is inspired by Ladynay. I like how she just talks random about what is going on in her daily life, so I was like, why not! Ladynay is the ONLY one I know that updates everyday on time! She should get an award for that!

I'm happy Qua Qua is doing better after his breakup. Breakups sucks. Why can't people just act right! Why can't we act right?

It can be hard when two of your friends that you both admire can't stand each other! It happened once before, but now they are cool. Now it is happening to two of Fuzzy's friends that we hang out with. I hate taking sides. I don't like when people do stupid shit as well. Then again it isn't my biz to get into it, but kinda hard when it effects you indirectly. sigh.

So I have a new computer! LOL
After I said all that in my last post, I got it anyway. Let me explain. Sunday morning I went to Barnes and Nobles to catch up on some reading. I tell you, that is the best library, and you can eat there to! So after I caught up on some comic books, I was reading a book about Creative Visualization. It was all about seeing your dreams and making them come true. So I closed my eyes, and I pictured myself with a new computer. I knew that one day I would have it. So I left the store, confident, but not in a rush. To make a long story short, I saw a great price for what I was looking for in BESTBUY, and I bought it! I'm pretty happy with my choice, but kinda went over $150 bucks (They get you with Antispyware and Security Stuff). So...

I'm going to be selling off some of my action figures, DVDS, computer programs, and more on my blog, craigs list, and ebay. My goal is to reach $200 bucks that will go towards the cost of my new computer. I will also have autograph photos of my ass up for bid as well! :)

I pick up the computer on Thursday, so overall I'm happy. I can finally design and play Sims2 without any problems!

Looks like Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches all this week!


Queer Kid Of Color said...

Shawn I will not buy an autograph copy of your ass this time. Last time I did that, Fuzzy kicked my ass.

Quaheem said...


Being thought about just made me smile...:-)

I appreciate that homie.....:-D

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of good anti spyware and antivirus software on the web for free. Don't believe the Symatec Hype!

Ladynay said...

Soon as I read selling your action figures I knew you were playing! LOL

Nothing wrong wit a lil' PB&J!

Stay creative, leave the random stuff to me *wink*

Yusef said...

I would purchase a autographed picture of your azz but i think Omar would put a autograph around my eye.....

His Sstory said...

cool post.

muhus said...

If you bought an iMac I would send you the money for the whole shebang