Sunday, December 03, 2006

they all left me

They All Left Me
By ShawnQt

You push me on the bed
Telling me to spread it.
You slam me against the wall
Telling me to take it.
There goes your hand roaming
So you can feel it.
Now you're in my ear whispering
So that I can give it...

...give you all I that I have to give,
So now my virginity, I misgive.

You Slam that dick on my ass,
Oooo... So you can turn me on?
Choke my neck in ecstasy,
Oooo.... So you can turn me on?
Rip my hole wide open,
Oooo... So you can turn me on?

All that you give me...

The hurt transfers from me to you,
Because once again,
My ass I haven't given you.

So what do you do?

You leave me after 2 months,
Because you say it's you, not me.

You leave me after 8 months,
Because we are not on the same wavelength.

You leave me after 2 years,
Because you want to be free...

Free to find you someone that can give you what you need.
Because my virginity is making your love recede.
Waiting until I'm ready is really not your speed.

Fine leave, they all left me.
I'm not the sexual beast that I claim to be.
I'm not as good as everyone when I'm down on my knees.
I can't always drop it like it's hot to the highest degree.
But I do know my love
will always make your mind become free.

But you don't want that.
You really just want my ass.
And if I don't give it to you,
Our love will never last.

So just leave...


Anonymous said...

but then again.. you had no issue using their asses while u made them wait for u to think about giving it up right?

ShawnQt said...

Interesting comment.
What makes you think I was "using" anyone?


Are the "tops only" guys becoming upset because the tides are turning and now the "exclusive bottoms" of yesterday now turninging into the "tops of today..." and ass aint so easy to come by without tops giving it up first? (i doubt that ass aint that easy to come by)...

Playboy Adonis said...

What inspired you to write that poem? That was deep. So, I thought about what the other person would say and this is what I came up with. Hope you like:

My heart tells me to leave because you won't do what it takes to make me stay

You see I understand your pain so you turn me around and fuck me in my ass after all that shit you say

Oooh my man needs me
He penetrates me so deeply

Oooh my man needs me
He took away my virginity

Oooh my man needs me
Again I am down on my knees, aiming to please, throwing cautions regarding every disease

After 2 months
I said it was me not you?
Obviously you don't recognize I have needs too!

After 8 months
I started to be proud that my baby was a virgin
Look at his sexy self, take that shit Pa, in my ass as you were fuckin

After 2 years
You are starting to abuse me
telling me you love me everytime you feel desired to fuck me

I can stay here forever, if youd just say One day I might be able to get it
But instead you tell me NEVER yet expect me to let you hit it

Fine, I'm thru, love has to be free and unplanned
Besides, You want to hold on to your virginity and not your man!

ShawnQt said...

Man Diva... it is interesting how versatile the world is becoming.

Wow, Playboy!
That was the flyest comment I got yet! That poem was deep and really took on a different perpective... thank you for writing it!

I wrote the poem from a time I felt really "insecure" about my ability to give up my virginity. I'll go more into discussion about it in my next post.

Playboy Adonis said...

Our writings is how love should be. What one parter initiates, the other partner adds to, and its gravy because they only grow.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add this last line:

See you Boo Boo.....LOL

ReddMann said...

like the words

Anonymous said...

i dunno.. but it seems like u jus said u made three different guys wait a total of 34 months for your ass, which you never delivered. and they left.

do u see a pattern here?


i didnt say u were using them.. i said u were using their respective asses for your carnal pleasure. while they waited on a promise..


Queer Kid Of Color said...

this is obscene on so many levels

Anonymous said...

Obscenity takes many forms...

Jesus said " unto others as you would have them do unto you...: - the Golden Rule

It would appear that ShawnQT is bangin Fuzzy's guts out on a regular basis.

How long is Fuzzy going to have to wait for his turn to hit it?

Will the Rule psuh him away eventually?

ShawnQt said...

@ Anonymous
Your perpective is quite interesting, it feels like my life is a soap opera...

"How long is Fuzzy going to have to wait for his turn to hit it? Will the Rule push him away eventually?"

Tune in next time... LOL!

Larry D. Lyons II said...

bah humbug.
there's more to a relationship than (penetrative) sex. if you can understand and appreciate that, why presume that your exes couldn't/don't?

Anonymous said...

That poem was deep, I am shocked that Fuzzy didn't leave sooner. It do appear as though you are using him for sex (banging his hole). Yes there is more to a relationship than ((penetrative) sex but when one partner gets to enjoy it and the other doesn't you have a problem, and I do mean a PROBLEM . I was in the same situation myself and after 7 1/2 months I cheated on them and found someone more compatible because I felt like I was being used.

Barney said...

So, here's me being naive...

Whats the difference between a "gay" relationship and waiting for both partners or either partner to be ready to move forward..
Compared to a "straight" relationship where one or either partner want to, or have, to move forward?

Istn it all in the eye of the beholder? On who the person is, and to whom either want to share their new experience with?

It's who they are, not what they can provide. If its just penetration your after, then who needs them?
It's all on a deeper meaning that you are with the person you choose to be with.

Im proud of you.. be who you are, and be proud of who you are, and what you have to offer.

Ok... Im new.. can u tell??

Omar Ramon said...

o lawd... the layers of the issue. ugh. Relationships are more thsan sex but physicality is subtly connected to emotional needs and satisfaction. but if there is no understanding and patience between folk then the relationship (not to mention the discomfort of having your cherry popped) is not worth it.

Omar Ramon said...

and fuzzy ain't leave nobody! goodness gracious!