Monday, June 28, 2010

Shawn vs SHAWNQT

How did I get myself in this mess
with all this success
From Introspective to Retrospective
I did it by accident I guess.

I went from dreaming
to moving the clouds themselves
I went from thinkin nerds could be cool
to becoming one myself

Now that's cool,
Or should I say, That's Hot
Yet I'm steaming cause its all melting away
Maybe Swagger only sways one way?

Cause at the end of the day...
you know that guy I became to be
isn't me.

He is just ME, on some other shit,
and only comes out when I think Im the SHIT!
So when the cap doesn't fit, and my light isn't lit
I'm just Shawn in the dark
Like Clark, Kent that is

cause even superman can lose his spark

So here I am,
in this shitty mess
stressed, I confess
that maybe I won't be



Kemet said...

Wow, I know that's from the heart and it's deep. And I love it. And I love you too my friend. Keep on keepin' on. ~Calvin

Adiosmotherfker said...

I've learned to recognize that self-discovery for some isn't simply intrinsic. Many of us evolve. I believe that ShawnQT is only a fraction of the man Shawn is. Don't look for self now, but excite yourself for who you'll be in the far future. The race isn't over until you finish!


Will said...

I could tell this was definitely from deep within your soul. I have found that some of the most treasured aspects of myself were within hidden partitions and revealed themselves to me when I was not looking for them. Sometimes we evolve through carefully orchestrated efforts; but other times, it really does happen by accident. Great post. I really could feel what you were saying.

Anonymous said...

I like that