Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Remarkable is Home!

I'm like soooo happy!

{yes I'm cheezin as I type this!}

It was sunday morning, I was laying on the couch, with face cream on my face, stinky and tired as well, and I hear someone opening the door. I look up and I see a figure of a well groomed man, and I'm thinking is that him?

Now mind you, he was suppose to be getting out of Jail on Monday, and I was expecting him to have a full beard with tats and be cock diesel, LOL.

But when I saw it was him, I jumped off the coach right into his arms, and we just hugged each other as long as we could. I just couldn't believe it has been 10 whole days without my baby! I cried, yeah I know, I'm such a sap, but there was just a lot of built in emotion in me. It was hard feeling lonely, and not being able to go to anyone intimately like that. But I made it, and I was just happy he was out early!

We took a shower.
we talked.
well I talked.
he said he wanted to eat.
we decided to go to ihop.
it took us a loooooong time...

to get to ihop.

I'm just happy he is home!


The Antonym said...

Awwwwww man I got all teary-eyed readin this. I love love.... DAMN! That was sweet as hell, Shawn. Things like that make us cherish time spent together in a whole new way, huh?

Joey Bahamas said...

YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. LOL@ you wait (hoping) for the prison transformation in 10 days. Silly...


misstp90 said...

awww thats so sweet!!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

did i miss something why are you dating a jail bird... i tell you u step away for 2 minutes and everything changes

Anonymous said...

I am happy for u man, but I don't even recall the brother going to Jail.

deonte' k said...

Awwwww buddy... I'm happy he's home :)

Anonymous said...

lol i know the feeling, when i see my baby after a long time it be on n poppin, thats wassup man

KB said...

u crazy kids....this made me smile man!

Kemet said...

Wow. Holy guacamole. Damn. I thought I was reading a fiction story and then I realized you were talking about real life. I love it that you are a sentimental sap. I am too. Except when I'm not. LOL

Miss ya Shawn. Keep on keepin' on.


Acoustic Soul said...

I've never been to jail, but I'm sure he was glad to be home as much as you were glad he was home.