Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Overall I am in a positive mood, but not all the time. When your imbalanced, you just try to put yourself back in sync. Mostly my career is pretty much down the tubes, LOL. I have told my boss that I'm leaving to find a full time job. I bothers my spirit to come into work and do nothing! Especially when the money isn't right! I rather stay home and look for jobs. He has been pretty ok with it. I think he wants out as well. So he "says" he is going to help me look. We will see. In the mean time, I am taking my destiny in my own hands, and focusing on doing Freelance Graphic Design! 


So while I do design on the side, I may switch gears in my career and do something totally different. I don't mind working in an office. I'm pretty good at organizing things, events or other wise, so my mind is open to anything! 

Not having the best work situation really messes with you mentally, because it makes you think that you not worth while, but I know that is not the case. There are plenty of people in this economy that are out of jobs that are incredible in what they do! Obama's stimulus plan has been working out for me, so thanks Mr. President! I just feel like I want to do more, BE MORE!

I know I have been very vague about me and Remarkable moving in. Some people where even shocked that it was so soon. We actually been talking about it for months. Just know that this has been the best decision I have made financially and emotionally. He is an amazing guy, and sometimes you just have to GO FOR THINGS instead of always being cautious. I think by now, if out of anyone, I know about relationships the most, LOL.

I have been pretty distant with my friends. Funny, because I have hung out with them. It's more emotional then physical. When your not really right in all aspects, it effects you. I just don't want to bring any negative energy around them. Spring time is coming, and I know things will turn around for me. My birthday is in a couple of weeks... I have NOOOOO clue what to do!

Ok here is something I can mention to you guys. I have always had a fascination with strippers. Ever since I was a teenager, a stripper combined three things I loved. Dancing, a super hero, and men!  The way a stripper moves, to me is art! They always were these crazy outfits! And of course, men are so sexy! It's a mind thing to me, all mental. As many times as I have seen a stripper, I never really wanted to have sex with them. It's all a fantasy.

Well my friends finally was like, we are going to get you a stripper for your birthday. I'm like cool, that would be hot! I tell Remarkable, and he is not cool with that idea AT ALL! So we have been going back and forth about it. Mostly me given in, saying its whatever, and him trying to explain why he doesn't feel comfortable. I think he feels bad that he is taking this away from me, but he can't come to terms with how much he dislikes it. I don't even think my friends will find a stripper in time, so its not something I should sweat over.

What do you guys think?
 A stripper at a birthday party? 
Just plain sexy fun or a disaster for a relationship?



nice right?



Cocoa Rican said...

To you it's nothing, but really kid, strippers, hookers and the like are inappropriate for a partner - or for a man in a committed relationship where his partner is not comfortable with it. Normally I'd be the first to say it's your birthday and so what, but this time, I can see how that would be a no-no. What is the stripper going to do...rub up...touch? If he's not, watch the shit on a big screen and chill the fuck out...or compromise and have your partner take classes in prep for your b-day and let him strip for you. ...or is this about a new piece of ass jumpin' up in your face? ::::sigh::::

kennyking78 said...

No, not yet Shawn!!! DON'T DO IT!!!

If Remarkable is uneasy with it, take it as a sign. It is not like this is a new job that will make both of your lives better, this is a one-night whatever sort of thing... to you. Not to him. If you were to do this, knowing that it brings him discomfort, your little one night fantasy could easily come back to bite you in the behind time and time again.

You don't need your own personal stripper. You live in the New Jersey, New York area. Go to a nightclub with your boyfriend and friends that has strippers there. Put a couple of dollars in a G-String and take your man home and do what you do! One of the keys to successful gay relationships is BOUNDARIES.

If I were your boyfriend, initially I would feel awkward because here is my man, sitting in a chair with some other man dancing/grinding up on him with all of his friends around and me included. Kind of awkward.

I can understand why he would feel bad about taking it away from you though. When you really care about somebody you want them to have whatever they want and to be supportive.

Role reversal... how would you feel if the shoe were on the other foot and Remarkable wanted the same and his friends were going to supply it for him?

Better question. Why didn't your friends go through Remarkable first to make sure he was cool with it or had any input on strippers before presenting the idea to you?

You better watch!

ponoono said...

A stripper is just a performer .. until you put your mouth or hands on it. LOL

fuzzy said...

Yea I looked at it at work! lol

Ummm If you really wanted a stripper, I have come across a few in my travels that are quite the lookers! I dont wanna step on any feet or cause any drama so I'll let you make that call.

I always thought you were this great graphic designer. I mean you're outstanding! It bothered me to see you working for Javie. I thought you were settling! I thought you could do better just as you thought I could do better. I just never said anything...

I know things will work out for you. I have no doubt in my mind. We, your friends, will be here for you! I'm sure everyone can stand behind that statement!

Joey Bahamas said...

Shawn...trust me I've done the unemployment thing and I know the toll it takes on your self worth. What is realyl takes is finding your passion and going after it. This is the opportunity for you to do that. Otherwise, I'm happy things are working out with Remarkable. I have to come to Jersey sometime to visit!

With love,


deonte' k said...

I never had a stripper @ a party so I wouldn't know buddy lol.... and I hope things pan out for u soon buddy! ;)... iu just celebrated my bday yesterday! ;)

RocaFella07 said...

Have you tried looking for any design gigs in your city?

And, exactly why does "Remarkable" have a problem with YOU having a dancer at YOUR party? Its pure entertainment!


Promiscuous X said...

1st let say GOT DAYUM that last sexy mothafucka is georgous omg....i want him lol oops did i say that..i love my z...i was so looking forward to naked entertainment....ughh dam u remarkable lol...maybe. i can sneak u to ESCOs to get a quick lap dance shit lol

LongOverdo said...

Baby...them strippers!