Friday, March 06, 2009

gay = super duper sex! right?

Everyone says that homosexuals are all about SEX.  The word is even in our sexual orientation. The woman is suppose to be the most sexiest thing on this planet... is that why we act and dress up as women? Do we want to be desired in that way? And even if that isn't it, we still work out and show off our muscles so we can be desired even more as MEN. Do we as gay men want to be desired? They say that men are more sexual then women, so would two men be overly sexual? Does that mean that gay sex is the most explosive sexual experience known to man?

So here is my question?

In a relationship,
How often should you have sex when you:

 first meet a guy?
after 6 months?
after 1 year?
after 5 to 10 years?


jerzey_reality said...

When u first get in a relationship it seems like sex is happening at every possible moment but as time goes on the sex decreases hmmmm that sux ass lol...ideally it would b nice to still be sexually attracted and attractive to ur boyfriend in 5 years as u were when u first started datin.

And when u have a high sex drive (maybe its the scorpio n me) like me thas almost a necessity lol

ShawnQt said...

Does two men having sex up the sexual anti more so then a straight couple?

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

"Everyone says that homosexuals are all about SEX. The word is even in our sexual orientation." The word 'heterosexual' mean anything to ya...? LoL.

In the beginning of a relationship ya fuck like rabbits (ie: at least 3 times a week). As the relationship progresses, I think once a week works just fine. Any more then hell, love is in the air! LoL.


Cocoa Rican said...

All couples are different:
With my partner of 10 years, it pretty much died after year 4...probably once a month; with my partner of 7 years it was several times a day; while with BD (today) it's about a couple of times a week, but we don't live together and are very busy, so I'm sure that will pick up. It should be good for both partners and keep both satisfied!

Anonymous said...

The guys I have dated a few times before having sex I have in some way respected and trusted more.

After a few years in a realtionship, the amount of sex tends to vary depending on waht's happening in each of your lives at the time. I think for career minded people, once a week might be the ebst you can expect.

RocaFella07 said...

Well, i've yet to be lucky enough to find someone who wants to do the "relationship" thing, with me, yet. So....


ponoono said...


i don't think that being gay drives you two as a couple to have more sex.. its being horny that drives you to have more sex than a hetero pair.. and of course u don't have to worry about getting knocked up shawn

....or do you?

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

before and during it was always a few times a week. i dont think it differs for gay or straight people... some do it more some do it less and some just forgot what it was

Mr. Jones said...

I love sex. I don't think you can get enough of it. If I could, I'd have sex at least once or twice every day.

It gets tricky in the beginning b/c though you want it, you don't want to seem like a hoe. But, again, I love sex, so I'm probably not the best barometer to use on this issue.

Anonymous said...

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