Monday, January 19, 2009


So my original IPOD Video is dying. Sucks because the warranty was over like 9 months ago, and now it wants to start acting up. The Battery is shot, there is some pixal problems on the screen, and compared to all the new ipods out, its quite outdated!

So over the weekend, I was able to do some design work for a friend of mine, that came out really hot by the way! So my cousin came over because he wanted me to charge his ipod on my computer. He has gave me his girlfriends ipod touch to charge as well. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it! I wanted it! It was like so ME! Ya know I love high tech futuristic stuff!

So I decided to take the money from the design job and get me an ipod touch! I mean I need a new one anyway!  Most of my friends know, I'm not a bigger spender, but when I want something, I WANT IT! Same with my PS3, my SIDEKICK, and now my IPOD TOUCH!

So the next day, as I was leaving the house, I was like, let me just go to radio shack and pick me up one real quick. They come in three models 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb. I refuse to pay for an ipod that is the same price for a PS3, and I already have 8gb of music as is, so I wanted the 16gb. So I get there, and ALL SOLD OUT OF THAT MODEL! What! OK fine, I looked around a couple of other stores, and nothing, they are all sold out. I get to the Mall, ALL SOLD OUT! Since when did this thing get THAT popular???

So I'm on the phone with Fuzzy, who is usually the guy that knows about my obsession of shiny techie things, and will always help me to get one. He called around a couple of places, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, they all were sold out! I was determined to get it! So I decided to just go to New York and just go to the mecca of everything ipod, the APPLE STORE NYC!

See Video:


Is this not like the most magical place on earth?

The store is located in a hidden space below the crystal chamber... and there you will find loads of people looking at all kinda of ipods, iPhone, mac laptops and desktops! It is such a beauty. I went up to an employee and asked them did they have the 16gb ipod touch...

"Certainly sir, just get in line, they have them behind counters, just pick one up and your ready to go."

That's it? That is all I have to do?  After 16 stores, 16 degree weather, and 16 miles of walking later, I finally had my 16 gb!  Woohoo!

So I get home and just amazed at so many things this bad boy can do! I always wanted an IPhone, but can't handle typing on the thing... besides I love my Sidekick! Yet the Internet, the ability to watch YouTube, get directions and play games is awesome! It picks up on my wifi instantly, and I can even use it to as a remote control to my music on my computer, which will be great for parties!

I even organized my entire Music Library so that I can get the full effect of my ipod. Right now I'm just looking up different songs to add on here. I have PLENTY of R&B so looking for something unique and different now.

I want to give you guys a list of 20 of my MUST HAVE, BEST OF ALL TIME songs that I have on my ipod now. There are more, but this is a great start! 

In no specific order:
  1. More Than Woman - Aaliyah
  2. Again - John Legend
  3. Damaged - Danity Kane
  4. Lately - Stevie Wonder
  5. Pagan Poetry -  Bjork
  6. Pump It Up - Black Eyed Peas
  7. Bended Knee - Boyz II Men
  8. Champion - Kanye West
  9. Orange Moon - Erykah Badu
  10. No Scrubs - TLC
  11. He Loves Me - Jill Scott
  12. Lucille - Anthony Hamilton
  13. Dookie Booty - Baltimore Music Club
  14. Imagine Me - Kirk Franklin
  15. I Thought Your Had My Back- Keyshia Cole
  16. Seduction - Usher
  17. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce
  18. Water - Lauryn Hill
  19. Never Make A Promise - Dru Hill
  20. When You Touch Me - Brandy
Let me know if you have them as well?


jerzey_reality said...

don't be afraid to touch still laughin about ur ipod adventure...and u know i've been in that situation before..minus the walking 16 miles in 16 way buddy

Darius T. Williams said...

Good job sir - but the itouch is old now - I've had mine for over a year - lol. Congrats on making it to the 21st century Shawn!

fuzzy said...

It was more like Walmart, Target, 6th Ave Electronic's City, PC Richards, Best Buy, Staples, a few small electronic stores, Kmart and Sears! lol

I'm glad that you got it though, cause I wasn't going to put up wit you being bent outta shape because you didn't find it!

ShawnQt said...

@ jerzey
Well It was all worth in in the end, got my workout for the day and everything... It could have been less cold, and I could have been less sick, but I love my TOUCH!

@ Darius
Apple profit went up the highest it has ever been, thanks to me! You still need to get me up on this Twitter thing!

@ Fuzzy
Thanks I appreciate u helping me with the hunt!

Daryn said...

If u want something unique check out Janelle Monae - Violet Stars Happy Hunting.. it's really fun. Thanks for reminding me about that Lauryn song *fires up bitcomet*

Mr. Herring said...

Nothing In The Middle-Rachelle Ferrell
Yeah Yeah Yeah-Rahsaan Patterson
Get Here-Rahsaan Patterson
Mystery of Iniquity- Lauryn Hill
Kiss Me On My Neck-Erykah Badu

I could go on and on...well in any case, enjoy the new Touch.