Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day! An American Dream

Ok its like 12:40pm, and I'm still watching the Inauguration on "CNN.com LIVE with FACEBOOK" and just witnessed history here at work, wow what an amazing feeling! Every time he talks I become more proud to be a black man, an American, and a man in the legacy of GOD.

With me going through such a hard financial time, I am reminded to stay firm in my faith that things will get better, and that opportunities will still be open to me, if I choose to stay strong, and swift in achieving my dreams.  I thank all my friends, family, bloggers and readers alike for allowing me to share my story... as apart of this AMERICAN DREAM

Obama, I tip my fitted to you!

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fuzzy said...

Since I had a fitted on yesterday, I'll Tip my fitted too!