Monday, August 11, 2008

"the secret"

I started this blog 2 years ago to put some of "dreams" in motion. I always wanted to have the body I always wanted. So for my  last birthday, I just asked for two books. The LL Cool J Platinum Body Workout Book and The Secret. Through these two books I could not only work on my physique, but also get my mind right. My biggest setback in all my attempts to work out was my dedication and motivation to really do it!

I would go one week with eating healthy, then fall off the next week. I would go jogging in the park, then forget all about it. I would try and do push ups and just wasn't in shape to continue. For the past 2 years, this is what I did. I just gave up. I ended up gaining 15 pounds and a gut to match, LOL! One time one of my friends said, "Shawn your gaining a little pudgy there, you always used to be skinny!" You don't know how much that hurt my feelings! I think one time we had a underwear party at my house, and I felt so self-conscious about the photos afterwards, I didn't even want to show anyone, I just really let go.  What really bothered me was when I would dance, I didn't have the full energy like I used to.

When I was younger I could eat ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING and never gain any weight. Until I got older, and the metabolism started slowing down, it really took me down with it. So what was really the last straw? I had to be when I went to BURGER KING, and I ate a Whopper, Large Fries, and a Strawberry Shake. When I tell you I had never been so sick in my life! Man! I vowed I would never go again... and decided to really ditch out the cash and sign up for the gym. But I wanted a work out partner! Fuzzy would exercise with me, but he didn't want to do it all the time. Omar didn't have any money to go to the gym, and everybody else didn't really show that much interest in doing it. So I said I would join the gym! So I was ready to do it, and then I got sick...

I think I had bronchitis. Fuzzy had it, and gave it to me, but I think I had the dormant version. It would only come out once in awhile, and it really started hurting me when I worked out. I was sooooo depressed! Part of this problem is what left me not to even continue "the vide{0} experience" I was depressed that I couldn't even stick to eating right or working out, and just was going through it, trust me! Yet The Secret says:

"Everything  that's coming into your life, you are attracting into your life.  And its  attracted  to you by virtue of the images you're holding  in your mind. It's all in your thinking."

It was then that I knew that I just had to envision the body I wanted and stay with it! I thought about it all the time. I collected photos of what I though my body would be. I bought a gym bag just for the heck of it. Started looking at workout shoes, and I clearly didn't start  doing anything! So this is my secret...
have been 
going to the GYM 
for the past 3 Months! 

Nobody knew. None of my blogging family, None of my readers, None of my friends, Not even my best friend Omar, and I didn't even tell my boyfriend! NO ONE! LOL. Well... the only person that knew from the beginning, and that was my good friend from Canada. Why didn't I say anything? Well I didn't want to fail and prove people right, and I felt that deep down, everyone didn't think I took it seriously. So I felt like a Super Hero that had a secret identity. I would sneak after work three times a week. I started eating better and keeping up with it. After a couple of weeks, people started to notice, heck I started to notice! I lost all the weight I gained, and even lost a little bit more. My chest was becoming bigger and more defined, and my abs were finally coming in slowly. I never had biceps before, and now I have a couple of bulges showing! I gained a lot of endurance in running, and was feeling a lot better health wise. Feels weird to get emotional in the mirror while flexing, LOL.

I did it! I'm so happy for myself! I told mostly everybody like a week ago what I have been sneaking around doing, but everyone has been pretty supportive of me. Me, X and Twin even went to the gym early saturday morning before heading to Fire Island Black Out to get just a little bit tighter! I said I was going to take photos at the beach, but I was so busy walking around, getting attention, guys flirting with me, that I totally forgot. It was a very different feeling, but I enjoyed it, very innocent.

So that is my secret guys! I still feel like I have a long way to go, but if I can maintain where I am now, I am more then happy with myself! While I love attention and compliments, the best gift is that I FINALLLLYYYYYY dedicated myself to doing something I always wanted to do!


jerzey_reality said...

Thas of the hardest things to do is stay motivated and focused...its sooo easy to lose that motivation and fall back into old habits.

Feels good to see results though doesn't it...well im proud of u for dedicating urself to it...we gonna keep each other motivated and get to where we wanna be.

Andre J Allen II said...

keep it up shawn.

fuzzy said...


Joey Bahamas said...

Shaaawwwwwwwn is that you in those pictures. No know what, I have a date with my resistance bands this evening. Talk about inspirational!


Darius T. Williams said...

Oh wow - look at you...this takes dedication and you're doing just that. But I gotta tell you, this working out shit is for the damn birds...But, I'm going after I leave work - lol.

WILL said...

Keep up the good work!

Q said...

See...ain't the Lord good! I asked for more shirtless pictures and there we go. Seriously, you look great. Keep up the good work!

ponoono said...

hot !

ponoono said...

hot !

Cocoa Rican said...

I'm really proud of you...I know what it feels like to envision yourself one way and have the mirror betray that vision. It's hard and your efforts pay off...ultimately, you're the driver pa...guess you won the race! Fuck that 'in progress' shit...celebrate your success...this's hard work showing GRAND result. Congrats...your givin' them underwear model boy!

Jersey Brotha said...

Lookin good Shawn. See what happens when you stay consistent with something? I need to go to the damn gym myself. I feel my metabolism slowing down!

Omar Ramon said...

feels good to get it right, don't it? love ya!

Anonymous said...

i am glad that you support the YMCA. i am a member of the Y domestically and internationally and thinks its a pretty dope organization.

as for being body beautiful, put it on your list of accomplishments!

Lrgphoto said...

It's a wonderful feeling isn't it? As a designer you know the satisfaction of creating something that others look at and are visually stimulated. How much more satisfying when you become the canvas and through hard work and dedication you create a physique that can be called a masterpiece. Keep it up!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Definitely feelin the look baby boy. I know how you felt tho. Since a year ago June I lost all 22 extra lbs I had by going to the gym and changing my diet. I don't have hit the gym up too often anymore because the motivation isn't there but I have been keeping up with my eating habits. All in all, I'm loving my slim shape. :-)

Good job buddy!


Darian said...

Get me bodied!!! I had no idea you were hiding all of that underneath your clothes! I need to run and not walk my big ass to the gym.

thegayte-keeper said...

I know wot u mean about working out...hopefully I can find "the secret"

ShawnQt said...

@ Jerzey Reality
You were like a secret inspiration. To know that you have been working out for 2 years now and really see the difference, it made me realize that it works!

Plus your healthy food is good for the GODS! Love it! Make More! LOL.

@ Andre
Thanks Man!

@ Fuzzy

@ Joey
Is it is me! LOL resistance bands, oh wow, sounds sexual, LOL.

@ Darius
You were also like a secret inspiration. You would talk about working out, and I was like if D can do it, then I sure as hell can! I love reading about ur healthy foods as well, truly makes me hungry! I do try and do those 6 meals a day, but I need to get better at it.

@ will

@ Q
I love the letter Q by the way. Anyway... Funny how all that turned out huh? Im really not trying to be conceited, or turn my blog into a BGC account, lol. I just wanted to showcase my progress. If it ever goes overboard, let me know!

@ pon



That comment means more then you know! Dont get me all emotional, lol.

@ Jersey
When you reach that 30, u know what happens! LOL. If u ever want to go workout in the park or whatever, let me know!

@ Omar
Love Ya My Omar! Sorry from keeping it from u!

@ ww4p
You know your videos of you doing using ur ab roller was inspiration for me! The Y is cool! Especially the one I got to, very clean, not a lot of people so I can get into my groove on my own. I have the Gold Locker Room, and it is so roomy!
Thanks by the way!

@ lrgphoto
Thanks man!!!! I so want to do a photo shoot now, but it has to be on point, nothing raunchy, and very artistic!

@ blaq
Thanks man! You most def was looking on point at Fire Island!

@ darian
It was hiding under my fat! LOL Now I can feedback with the rest of them when Janet goes on tour!

@ gayte
The secret is within you! :)

life said...

Keep it up!!!

kennyking78 said...

Now see, Shawn, that's what I am talking about! Just knowing that you went through with something that was important to you truly is the bizness!

The body is on point and I know that your having it is helping your mind get on point as well. Man, in three short months, you look like a totally different person!

Promiscuous X said...

Shawn you are definitely OFFICIAL lol

The pics are on point

K.C. said...

You look great man! Awesome job!

In the middle of a similar quest Extremely slow-going, but progressing. Thanks for that shot of inspiration!

RocaFella07 said...

OMG!! I'm sooo proud of you!

I cant believe you went to the Gym on the "DL". LOL!

So, Fuz didnt ask anything about your magical transformation?

This is so inspiring...Thanx!


Mr. Jones said...

good for you, shawn. keep up the good work.