Tuesday, June 10, 2008


These are 9 men. 9 Fine azz men if you ask me! You have seen these types of guys before. in your professional world, walking down the street, at the gym, and even in the club. When you see them, you instantly get turned on, your hormones and imagination are raging, and you can't help yourself! You want to go up to them, but you can't. Or they come up to you, and you get butterflies. There is nothing like an attractive black man!

But what really makes these guys attractive?

All these black men are different. Everyone has there, "type" and to some, at least one of these guys would be a turn off. Yet even still there is something about them that we all want. So I ask you these questions, and we can continue the dialogue in the COMMENT section.

1. Which ONE guy is your "TYPE" and why?
2. Is ONE of these guys the "LEAST" attractive one?
3. Which ONE guy has the most "UNIVERSAL" features of attractiveness?

NOTE: The photos have been put in black and white & cropped so can not comment on skin color or body features. Only focus on the facial features.


ShawnQt said...

Just a tid-bit of info:

Physical attractiveness is the perception of the physical traits of an individual human person as pleasing or beautiful. It can include various implications, such as sexual attractiveness, cuteness, and physique. Judgment of attractiveness of physical traits is partly universal to all human cultures, partly dependent on culture or society or time period, and partly a matter of individual subjective preference. Despite the existence of universally agreed upon signs of beauty in both genders, both heterosexual and homosexual men tend to place significantly higher value on physical appearance in a partner than women do.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

2, 4, 5, 6, 9. I love their facial structure, their eyes and their overall sex appeal!

ShawnQt said...

Does facial structure have a lot to do with having sex? I mean your not fucking there face right? Well then again...

Jay said...

2, 6 and 9 are the sexiest for me, those eyes are amazing, but if I had to choose the one that I thought was more my type I would go with 6 (2 comes very very very close). Something about that man that screams, "I'm a sexy motherfucker and I'm a man."

All 9 men are attractive but if I had to choose the least attractive one of the 9, it would be 5. Once again all are attractive, but something about him his screaming something else (how you doing?).

The most universal features of attractiveness? I would go back to number 6. The man is phyne!

Yes facial structure has a lot to do with having sex, there has to be some sort of connection to be there to influence an encounter. But I guess if you not kissing them, just bending them over and watch something on television then it won't mean anything at all.

Cash S. said...

The most universal one in my opinion is number 6,

The one that is most attractive to me is number 9. Love those lips and bushy eyebrows.

The least attractive to me is number 7. I can't exactly pin point why, but I'm not feeling him.

ShawnQt said...

Does screaming, "I'm a man" heighten the physical attractiveness of a man?

Why are eyebrows attractive, I mean I can understand lips, but a lot of hair over your eyes, what does that do for you?

Jay said...

Those eyebrows give him an added mystery, enhances his eyes...yea number 9 is sexy as hell.

I want a man to look like a man, so if he screams "man" then he is perfect for me.

Anonymous said...

number 9 was the sexiest...number 4 is the average all around cutie number 5 was ugly and the rest had indiviual attractive features...#2's eyes are sexy

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

It's the face that draws me into a person. Their cheek structure, their eyes even so much as their facial hair and the way it grows whether bushy or str8 attracts me to them and causes me to imagine how they would look and feel naked and holding me. It all begins with the face.


Anonymous said...

Why is everyone sleeping on #1. First i wanna lick that bald head and then suck on those lips and then move lower and then (now i dun made a mess)

#1 screams unapologetic man... just full features all the way around.

Most universal would have to be a toss up between #4 and #6. #4 being the "safe" boy next door (he's not gonna rape your daughter), while #6 is like the all american (plays sports, home coming king, class president... you know him)

Least attractive to me is a toss up between #5 and #7. They are like impish cute.

But #1 lawd have mercy, i would tear him up!!!

Jay said...

Yes lawd, number 1 is sexy and manly. Hmmm

ShawnQt said...

Most of us realize that all the men are sexy, what I am curious about is what features makes them sexy?

If 9 is so hot, why?
Is there a difference in being sexy and being cute? Which is better?

If 5 is so "ugly", should he not be with with the rest of the men?

No. 2 does have "light" eyes, but what color would be preferable? If he had hazel or blue eyes, would they take away from him being attractive?

ShawnQt said...

How important is facial hair? Does less or more facial hair make you attractive? What is it about a bald head that turns people on?

Anonymous said...

bald heads you can lick and not get a fur ball stuck in your throat... it's the connection to his mind!!! (that's my story and I am sticking to it)

The color of eyes... in my opinion it has to do with desirability. Some believe and argue that the things that are rare are the most coveted and admired. hazel, green and blue eyes are rare (especially for a person of color) so when we see someone who has them naturally, it's more attractive.

Sexy and cute... the difference is cute generally refers to innocence and youth and anything of that nature. generally the traits of babies and youth are transcriped as cute.

Now sexy... is more to do with the feelings of sexual desire that a person is able to exhibit... ugly people can be sexy too...

(Excellent post Q-T)

Jay said...

I agree with all of what was said by the anonymous reader above me, but I will add a slight twist on a few things.

Eyes- color doesn't always determine attractiveness of someones eyes. The shape of someone's eyes, the slant of the eye lids make more of a difference to me. Hell, his eyes could be black, but the right slant is perfect. Look at allen iverson, most people look at his eyes and say they are beautiful, but they are as dark as mine.
Cute/sexy- cute sometimes goes along with average when talking about adults. Someone that isn't ugly but not gorgeous. Sexy is something that can't be defined, its just something about a person that makes the mind drift into the realm of sexual attraction. Someone can be ugly in your eyes and be sexy at the same time (kevin garnett and 50 cent come to mind for me right now...lol).

Sometimes attractiveness can not be explained, you see something about someone that you like, but on another it doesn't work.

Facial hair/hair- depends on how it looks on the person.

Anonymous said...

yo Jay, since we agree on so much, maybe we should have a meeting of the "minds"!!

Call it dinner, a movie and the mind...

ShawnQt said...

So if NO. 4 is cute, does that make him less sexually desirable?

You stated that:
"Some believe and argue that the things that are rare are the most coveted and admired."

Which one of the 9 men have a rare look? Is he the most admirable one?

Jay said...

2 and 9 have rare looks to me, but I can see hoe someone could argue number 8.

Hmm anonymous, are you asking me on a date?

Anonymous said...

if i were, what would your response be!?

(i really gotta get me an account... hmm!!)

and Shawn... you have the most rare look and thus most desired in my eyes (second if Jay says yes to the date)

Jay said...

Email me anonymous...should be able to get my email address from my profile

Darius T. Williams said...

This is a hard one shawn. Primarily because all of the guys portray one general theme...masculinity. Let's face it. The majority of us are gay which means its the epitome of the masculine experience that gets us going. But, philosophically gesturing, these guys could all open their mouths and reveal sheer stupidity, or what would happen if they sashayed out of the door switching and calling each other girls and bitches. How would we view them theb? So really, its all relative...now isn't it? I'm one that has to wait for interaction because even the worst looking man can behold great beauty if he's packaged correctly.

ponoono said...

OK so why is Darius braggn he has a hard one?

Much of what is considered attractive is shared across cultures, there are largely universal characteristics of facial beauty, to wit: Symmetry, good proportion, proper layout, a straight profile, and other such general characteristics may be considered more attractive because they represent a certain mean or expectation about the correct appearance of the face. This expectation of the beautiful face might have something to do with special areas in the brain for processing facial information. Marked deviations from this mean may indicate lack of fitness or ill-health.. as study last year showed that most humans interpret gross obesity as unattractive due to centuries of evolutionary expectation - we equate bloating with disease, infection and ill health.

This is all mad psychological science really...

andie said...

Why are u guys sleeping on # 3, I think his name is Wendell, from major models. He has a sexy yet mysterious look with a little bad boy thing going on.

ThisMightBeMe said...

2,3,4,5,6 are really attractive to me.
i would say that 7 is least my type.

K.C. said...

1. I'm on a dreadlock kick lately (ironic, eh?) so I'm voting for #8 as my type. Not many really mentioned him. Has a laid back island feel (gotta read my post on Kingston to understand)

2. None of them are the least attractive; everyone's got something about them. I haven't dated in a while so to me, "I'll take all 9 for $100 Alex!"

3. Is that a trick question? If there was a universal feature of attractiveness then wouldn't we all just be clones? - no comment!

YOW said...

I watched something on PBS a few months ago that said that universally an individual's attractiveness is linked to the symmetry of their face.

With that being said, #1 is definitely my type. He exudes attractiveness without being pretty. He looks like his masculinity is palpable.

Nevertheless, out of all 9, #1 is also probably the least attractive in terms of conventional ideas of beauty.

For me, the person who is the most attractive of all 9 of the men is #5. He's male beauty personified. Something about his complexion and his eyebrows seal the deal for me.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

YES Jay you better be a blog ho! ROTF! The pure definition of a 'Blind date'. LMAO.


Mr. Jones said...

First, this is a really good topic. I wish I had thought of it.

#6 really does it for me. I like a little exotic look.

#4 does NOT turn me on whatsoever.

#5 stands out to me for some reason.

#8 is a little too soft for me.

The others didnt catch my eye.

Kat said...

Hey Shawn!!!

My "type" would be #5. I love his skin tone.....he strong jaw line.....his "I know what you're thinking" eyes. yeah....#5! That's my pick!

I would say the Least attractive one IMHO is #7 or #1. They just don't do it for me. #1 has a square head. And as for #7.....IDK....just not feelin him.

As for the most "universal" features....I've got to say #6. He just strikes you as an all around HANDSOME man.

OH! And yes....Facial hair IS important. If you have it, it needs to be kept looking right! #9 is cute as hell......but the eyebrows are TOO MUCH!
Love the post!

Clarence Flanders said...

Well it's hard to say which is my type based solely on looks, since it's more than that. But if I had to pick the one I find the most attractive I would have to say 3,4, or 6.
As for least attractive in my book that would either 1 or 9. Both looks a too overtly thugish for me. But that of course is just based on their head shots.
And as for your last question, universal attractiveness, I would have to say that goes to number six. He possess all of the features that we all, men and women, generally look for in a man. At least I think so.

simSIMa said...

1,6, and 8 are HOT because they don't look like they're trying to be hot. 9 is giving the camera waaay too much...he got that Tyra Banks squinty eye thing down pack!

2 and 3's face doesn't look symmetrical and 4 looks like a child so I can't even go there. 5 and 7 are just aiight to me but I'd still do them.

all in all, very attractive men.

andie said...

attractive to me - number 7
least attractive - number 5
most universal - number 6

Bullet Proof Soul said...

Type is 2 & 9, both have a bad boy look to them and exotic features whether it be eyes or lips.

Least, not one. Each man appeals to someone.

Universal is 4, he has the boy next door, don't scare the white people look. Great for modeling that is basic.

ShawnQt said...

Everyone is bringing up some really interesting points that I wanted to expound on.

A couple of you mentioned that full "attractiveness" comes into play when you meet someone face to face, get a feel of the way there body moves and there personality is expressed.

Yet think about this:
In black gay culture, the internet is a strong means to find and meet many dates, so photos like this are very much a norm.

With that said:
I stated to everyone to choose ONE man and comment on there attractiveness. Most of you gave me MANY CHOICES, LOL. Which is fine! But does the ability choose from so many men make us not want to settle down and choose just one attractive man?

I mean really, how many guys on BGC are you trying to hook up or getting to know all at the same time?

Does the testerone of a man make us want more then one?

Omar Ramon said...

number one is mine, all mine and if anyone so much as blinks at him, be prepared to lose an appendage.

Some folk are tryna be all diplomatic with that "everyone is attractive to someone" crap...i mean, yeah, it's true but it is still a cop out in this case. He said least attractive to you...not everyone else.

anyway,I love darkskinned men, ethnic features, strong mascline features sharp bone structure-jaw/cheek lines, thick lips and intense eyes. This is why number one is my choice.

Three and four ar nattractive to me. THey have very boyish looks and the schoolboy thing just doens't do it for me.

Six is inded the most universal in looks. His skin tone is of lighter expression (ours is not the only culture that values lighter skin, its sad but true) his bone structure is pronounced but not overwhelmingly so, his lips are full without being too thick and therefore easily attributed to any one ethnic group, and the swagger exuded in his pic is that of subtle sex appeal and confidence. He is the type that could, as a n actor, be cast in diferrent races and pass, or could model in most genres of fashion and photography and be appealing.

others who , in my eyes could be considered attractive to me are five and seven. five's lips and eyes are to die for! and his skin tone is so pretty! seven looks like an around the way dude and i love that.

Omar Ramon said...

ps i see nothing "rare" about 2 give me a break. he's so avaerage and he's not even giving me thug he's giving me "high" lol i'm not hating, i'm just saying....i don't see anything super special about him but to each his own. , is giving me "high" as well. although, i gotta say, i do dig his lips as well.

Promiscuous X said...

Dam im over here fantasizing over here. I mean dam all are cute in there own way but heres my 3

My Least - #8 Just isnt my type at all. But its only a picture maybe the swagger makes up for it.

Universal - #6 Someone I can take to the mall and to the club and is just sexy. Hes giving me Wade from Noahs Arc.

My Type - #9 Yo fuck what y'all say that nigga eyebrows are hella sexy and can get it in every way possible. You feel me. Dam I know that body is on point and his ass is tight. Dam let me calm down lol

Shawn great post...Now can you post these in color

Omar - I feel you on #1 he is type sexy . He gives me the I go to the gym everyday vibe. You know I love bald headed dudes (Hint Hint) lol but # 9 takes me to a whole another level

Darian said...

Ok Shawn # 1 and # 9 could get it if I wasn't already married!

Masculinity is so hot to me and from looking at their pics they both seem like the type that would make me feel like a straight up b***h. LOL! I can just imagine getting swallowed up in their massive arms...whew!

I believe #4 is Danny from the last season of SYTYCD. His pic is extremely innocent, so naturally he's being overlooked in comparison to some of the other photos, but when he moves he is the sexiest thing alive and he has an amazing body.

Kat said...

Hey Shawn.....sorry to stray from the topic at hand....and a GREAT topic it is.....but do you watch "So you think you can dance"? I just figured since you love to dance you might be a fan of the show like I am. Okay....now back to the HANDSOME men in your post.

I STILL love #5!!!!! Whoo Lawd!

D. Mos FABOLOUS 1 said...

1.) My type is #9 because of his expression and braids. Two things that makes me attracted to someone.

2.)To me the least attractive is #5

3.) The most wit the universal attractiveness would have to be #1

fuzzy said...

I would say the most attractive would be between 2 and 7. They seem like they have some innocence to their face. They also seem to have that strong look. Exhibiting strength is sexy! If you show yourself strong, I mean DAMN! they also look like they have a bit of thug in them. That gives off some roughness. sometimes you wanna be handled! :-) the pics are the most seductive also. I love the idea that these guys look like they could be intelligent. this feeds off their innocence. nobody wants a dumb ass!

the LEAST attractive would be number 5. I am not going to say he is not attractive or that I am not attractive to him. All these men are my type. but he seems like he could be very trendy. I am not a big fan of trend. liiks like he could have a touch of sissy attached to him. the same thing could go for number 4. same exact thing!

number 1 would be the most universal. no hair, seems like a mix of all the facial attributes mentioned before.

Anonymous said...

The most attractive to me would be the one that the majority are sleeping on and that is #5. Number 1 is a close second.
#5 because if I saw him out, I would be very curious as to who he is and what to get to know more about him. there is a confidence in his eyes that says, "I am black, I'm proud and my skin tone is with me for the rest of my life. Let me work with that." I love confidence. Since eyes are the windows to our souls, his are allowing me to see that he has no problem being what he is and that is sexy.

#1 because he is the typical looking brother from around the way. He takes care of his body and he that bald head works for his look. Can't imagine him with hair.

All the rest are still attractive, but are your stereotypical looking guys who looked as if they studied every other male model in the world and picked a look for attention. Blah!!

Sorry, I don't have an account.

j_shanlin said...

I agree with Mr. Jones, this is really a good idea

#1 and #7 are my favorites... #7 moreso than #1.. #1 has like that kinda hood DMX swagger. #7 looks kinda artsy poetic.

#6 is neutral to me. he looks kinda like me

#3 and #4 dont really do it for me. IDK why... In the words of Ms. Barrino "I need a hood boi"

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

most my type is 6
least my type is 8
most universal is 2

It's my life, Right? said...

First let me say I'm new to blogging, but not to your blog! Your apart of my inspiration! and for that I say thanks!

Enough of the sappy shit and to the point!

# 3, 6, 7 are really giving it to me!

#9- looks too much like a stereotype. It seems that he is giving me trade, but when he opens his mouth, his voice will be higher than mine and that's just not what I like!
#8-He looks ..........IDk my bff Jill!

Most Universal- has to be #6- like someone said earlier he just gives you All-American Boy! The one you can run and cry to and turn around and shoot hoops with! Your parents will love him and your friends would be jealous that you have him! AKA my dream man and reason to moving to LA or NYC! lol He is also my top pick!

#3-is hot, but gives me one night stand vibe!
#7-seems like he can upgrade my inner soul and knowledge in his thug kinda of demeanor, but economically we can't mix! I plan to be a baller and it seems only like deadweight!
As Estelle says best-HE'll be my American Boy! A-me-rican boy!

fuzzy said...

trel, do you realize that number 4 looks similar to you?

I think that 8, 4 and 3 seem a lil soft... 3 and 9 I would not approach! Thay are not ugly, I would just pass them on the street without looking back! lol

Why is number 5 looking so awkward to me?

Daryn said...

I didn't read all of the comments but in the ones i read i did not notice anyone mention experience. From experience you have an idea of what someone's background may be just by looking at them. #3-6 all say 'model' to me, 7&9 are giving me 'hood' #1 is giving me 'rough(violent)', and then there's age. So i think attractiveness is not always just 'what features does he have' but it includes 'what do these features mean to me'.

With that said I love a bald head and a goatee on a man coz i have a soft spot for facial hair but #1 looks a little too hard for me so i don't really find him attractive. I also love long hair but 8 seems a little too soft and 9 a little too ghetto. I don't have a strict type but I do have traits that appeal to me and I'm attracted to random combinations of them and none of these men, although beautiful, really do it for me.

I'd give #5 my vote for most attractive but I wouldnt jump at the chance to date him. (i would not be suprised if the underlying reason for both is that he looks kinds like me lol)

#7 I don't find attractive at all (he looks like he's really tall tho which would completely offset his looks for me lol)

Universal appeal? The one who i think would be most likely to get the approval of the largest number of people, they will say he's hot even if he's not their type, is 6. He's good looking without having a specialty feature. If u're into lips 9 will jump out at you, if it's eyes u'd pick 2, if it's cuteness probably 4 but 6 seems to me like a really really good vanilla.

Sorry for posting so late but i thought this was a really great topic mostly because i'm trying to figure it out myself and get me one of those. So where's the tally QT?