Sunday, May 18, 2008

i'm so dumb dumb dumb

Ok so I was on youtube, and saw that Chilli of TLC (My Favorite Musical Entertainers of All Time!) has a new single out! So now she is holding a DANCE CONTEST on YOUTUBE to the best new dance for her song "Dumb Dumb Dumb"! I so wanted to jump on it!

Back in the day, I entered a TLC Dance Contest (Boys VS Girls) that was televised on106&Park! Now that was fun and a dream come true for me! So this time, I just wanted to do just to do it. you know just be silly, since it is a silly song. If I win, great, if I don't at least I can put a smile on people's faces. I hope Chilli likes it.

You guys can check out my video below:

Winners will be announced on JUNE 2, 2008!


Darius T. Williams said...

WOW - so yea, that's hot. You're officially the king of video - at least in my book!

Omar Ramon said...

that was actually appropriate and cutest-fubby. fits chili and tlc's original style. hope you win!

Omar Ramon said...

funny*** damn i gotta start proof reading my comments...

Anonymous said...

omg adorable lol

Bullet Proof Soul said...

I was not expecting this but I like it. It shows your personality. Hope you win.

fuzzy said...

Nice! I think she will... I bet you are in a good mood huh! :-)

Jay said...

I hope you win, I remember how big of a fan you are of TLC...maybe she will remember you from 106 and park (it was a minute ago but you never know)

Barney said...


Jersey Brotha said...

Very nice! Good luck!

WhozHe said...

Chili needs to look no further. We have a winner!!

j_shanlin said...

lol you are soo effin stupid!!

j_shanlin said...

i loved it! that monkey was giving me life.. give him my number

ponoono said...

the only thing missing from this video, shawn, was you actually spanking your monkey.

we saw you stroking it and rubbing it and tapping on it.. but not spanking it.

can you repost another in which you actually spank your monkey ?

Mr. Jones said...

You are so adorable. I hope you win everything in the world that you want!

ShawnQt said...

I just want to say that getting in front of a camera and acting like a crazy nut is not easy sometimes, so having support like your guys where I can be comfortable and just entertain really means the world to me!

@ Darius
Thanks man!

@ Omar
That what I was going for, just to put a smile on her face.

@ trel
Shannon can kill it now! lol.

@ Bullet
Thanks Bullet! I wasnt expecting to make it, but jumped on it as soon as I found out.'

@ Fuzzy
There was this itch in me, I needed to scratch, so yes I feel better now... although I feel the itch again.

@ Jay
Thanks! I need to find a way to put that performance on the computer, maybe I will try this

@ barney
Thanks barney!

@ Jersey

@ whozhe
Thanks again! lol

@ J shanlin
I will make sure he makes an appearence just for u!

@ ponono
Next time... I promise. lol.

@ Mr. Jones
Thanks Jonese-boy!

Kat said...