Thursday, February 14, 2008

want a good valentine's day?

Welcome to another edition of "the good" lifestyle, 
The Valentine's Edition!

Hopefully everyone has a Valentine this year, if you don't just read one of my most popular post, "5 Tips to Keeping Your Man For a Year!," then come back to me next year, lol. It happens people! Yet if you do, TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT to be ready and willing for your man! Fellas, here are some hints & suggestions to make sure everything goes well with your man.


Even though Fuzzy is very sensitive to smell, and any cologne will have him with a huge migraine for half a day, I still love the sexy smell of a man! I looked to Omar, the King of Smells, for some suggestions. Omar suggested Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana because its "light & pretty, makes you feel clean, and men love it!" Another one he suggested is Marc Jacobs because it's "It's a classic, makes you feel grown & sexy, and you can wear it everyday"

My favorite of course (hing, hint) is Usher for Men. I wasn't really big on getting it because of the name, but when I smelled it, it was on point! I don't like strong smells, so this was light but noticable! Of course everyone has there taste, so get something that fits your style, and try out the smell on others to see if they like it to... especially your mate!


Now the next thing you need to have is some sexy underwear! There is nothing like seeing a bulge from the front or the back (some both) to get a man going! It is all about the mystery. For those men that want to keep it simple, go for the JM Micro-fiber Boxer Briefs. They are simple, they give you a little extra bulge and it will keep it tight when you start to rise! They also feel comfortable and really smooth.

For the adventurous types, some dislike them, but there is nothing that says, "I'm ready for something In-between Me" like a thong! The Male Power Ring Thong has an amazing sexy cut with rings that can hold up all that package! Yes UPS (United Penis Service)! I even like the Black, I always seen it as a "Come Get Me" Color.

Now if you like it cute and fun, I say go for the DT Starman Briefs. It's playful & comfortable, and perfect when your ready to wrestle with your man, just for fun! You will soon see how he will quickly trys to grab it while he has you in a choke hold! All these underwear can be found at


Valentine's Day is all about appreciating and validating the love you have someone. Show them that you care! With questions about romance and sex, daily routines and the life of your dreams, All About Us will help you and your partner discover more about yourselves and each other than you ever imagined possible. Whether you fill it out separately, together or ask and answer questions aloud, this unique book will help you to deepen your relationship and discover that, once again, love is the answer. 

To all my Friends, Bloggers, & Readers, 
if your single or with someone,
 always give love when love is due!


Darius T. Williams said...

The Usher cologne...really? I've been hearing about it. So, I'm gonna check it out.

fuzzy said...

Not a half day, the whole day!

Ummm I a fan of the thong on the white guy! I want to alter those to make a bikini out of them. Reggie and I have discussed this on Tuesday. I am very handy with the needle and thread!

Trackstar said...

i got an issue lol i love O but i want to dispute that king of smell thing lol (gives shawn the evil eye) i always looked at myself as the king of smell because of my endless supply and knowledge of the subject due to the work i did but oh well lol

RocaFella07 said...

I mos def have to try one of those Smell-Goods! "Very Sexy: Men" by Victoria's Secret is great one...and "Red Delicious: Men" by DKNY.