Friday, January 25, 2008

design & culture

As a Graphic Designer & Artist, I take great pride when I see how Design creates, enhances & motivates us to living "the good lifestyle!" So During these blog post topics, I will showcase how design plays a integral role in our culture today.

h&m ::
fashion against aids

Not only is H&M one of my favorite stores, I love how they are marketing these new t-shirts. H&M and Designers Against AIDS (DAA) are joining forces in the battle against AIDS and are launching a collection for guys and girls together with Rihanna, Timbaland and other well-known designers, musicians and artists. The aim is to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, which affects many young people all over the world.

The cool thing about it is, the artist are actually designing the shirts themselves! I love it! I plan to pick up one of Timbaland's shirts, and see if there are any other one's I like as well. Got to love Fashion with a message! Every Black Gay Man should support... You guys know how yah homos is up there, getting cute shirts and underwear (Trackstar) so while your doing that, pick one of these up as well!

The collection "Fashion Against AIDS" will be available in H&M's Divided departments from February 2008.

nokia 7900 ::
the crystal prism collection

Talk about an art phone! The baby is a beauty! The Nokia 7900 is was designed by an Avante-Garde French Artist by the name of Frederique Daubal. It even comes with a cute bandanna and pouch, how fly is that! Purple is my new favorite color (everyone will soon see why) and the buttons are very unique yet functional. The crystal in the middle is fly, and would look great in the club! X, think you could rock this?

Of course it is still a phone. It has 1 GB of built in memory, Bluetooth, Music Player, 2 mega pixel Camera which also captures video, & Internet ready. Only thing is, the phone is only in Europe, but having one of these bad boy’s would have me living good!

from canada::
the batcave home theatre

Once I hit the lottery, the first thing I have to do is create my own custom home theatre! This batcave is not a bad idea! It amazes me how comics and cartoons are so part of our culture. Created by Elite Home Theater from Canada, this home theatre is perfect for any Dark Knight Fan. I love how natural everything looks, with the nicely designed sleek chairs. Very comfortable I’m sure. I can see Omar in awe right now! Now you can check out Heath Leadger’s (RIP) Joker performance in the Batman Begins sequel in perfect style!


fuzzy said...

I sooo want the BatCave! I love IT!

Darius T. Williams said...

Yes Fuzzy - I'm loving the bat cave too.

Karamale said...

oh god, h&m (sniff)...i miss it so much.