Monday, September 03, 2007

Virtues of the Avatar: Part 1

"These are 5 out of the 10 Virtues that I read I felt was sent to me from GOD..."

caring confrontation. non-violent. challenge destructive behavior

I have never been one to be violent. Even when I was younger, I have only been in one physical fight. The fight was staged to gain respect among a group of kids that always teased me. I did whoop his behind though! Besides that point, he understood the circumstance, and we still remained friends afterwards. Outside of that, I never was one to have a temper and result to anger.

I think that people know me for being the "peace-maker." Either when I was working with kids, and helping them solve there problems, or just in my circle of friends during an argument. I feel honored to have that title and wish to continue that virtue.

I do want to say this. Even though I believe that non-violence is the most godly way to solving a problem, within human history, war has been the way of this world. I accept war, only if people are fighting for a just cause, or the protection of a right. Yet even the darkness of war, we should challenge others to be the light of non-violence."

help people. encourage others to do the same.

"Being generous comes in many degrees. Some people show there generosity through money & material objects. Other show it through there time & wisdom. I think there should be a balance of both.

I will say that I am very strong in giving my time in supporting somebody or just being a listening ear. I tend to help those and motivate them to be better. While I will give to those that are in need, I do at times hesitate because of my selfishness. This can be for friends or total strangers. I pray for a giving spirit because I know that everything is not all about me, and that blessings come to those who give."

feel for the needs of the suffering.

"I think that Compassion and Generativity go hand and hand. While I do feel compassion for those who are suffering, I don't tap into it much. I think that when we hear someones story of despair we turn the other way so we don't have to feel that hurt and pain with them. So we ignore it so that way we can feel good. Then we can give the excuse that I am suffering to, so I can't help them if no one is helping me.

Something that always stuck out in my head was, that no matter what, somebody is doing worst then you. We should feel there pain, because we have felt it as well. We should help, because we would want to be helped. We must learn to distance of our suffering to help the needs of others.

We should learn to eliminate suffering all together! It is merely a state of mind, not a physical event that happens in our lives. We can not have a job, bills are piling up, and don't see and end in sight, but still move past our suffering and stay motivated in GOD's thoughts that it will always get better. Someone will find compassion in us, an will help move us to a better place. And we must continue the cycle. I pray for my compassion to be a circle in my life and motivate me to help others."

give thanks and show appreciation for life.

"If there is anything in this world that I do, celebrate life is one of them. You would think that this would be easy, but many people really don't really give thanks and really enjoy the creations of our existence. What I have learned was not only celebrate my own accomplishments, but to celebrate others. we get so caught up in "hating"and being "shady" towards our fellow people, we forget that we are all in this together. That also means that we shouldn't take our celebration only for ourselves, but show that this is a celebration of others doing the same.

If I graduated college, my party is a celebration of my accomplishments and to show that you can do the same. Or better yet, show appreciation to those that have done it before me. The same can go for birthdays, getting a new job, a new house, or whatever!

Celebration is also about giving thanks to others and the world around us. Christmas & Thanksgiving are perfect examples. We all get caught up in material things and how much food we can eat, but it is really about enjoying your family and friends, and showing thanks to GOD for them being in our lives."

Attentive Listening
humble willingness to understand, respond thoughtfully.

"I also believe that I am a very good listener... but then again maybe I'm not. Many of my friends have told me that I don't remember things that they tell me. It hurts me because I was really known for being a good listener. What I do know is that, within the moment of now, I am 100% into the conversation and can give feedback that can be helpful. If you ask me to remember something from a couple of days ago, sometimes I don't remember.

I do think a lot, and it take times for me to slow my brain down and process information. I apologize if I end up being in my own world. It is who I am. I will try my best to turn down my selfish thoughts and really focus (and remember) other peoples conversations that they have with me."


ponoono said...

would this be Part 2 ????????????

ShawnQt said...

The first post was called "you are the avatar of me"

It is contingued in...
the "virtues of an avatar" post will be broken up into two parts for easy reading.

hope that doesnt confuse you, lol.

Rodney said...

From the moment I met you I got a sense of peace. You radiate a warmth that is felt, whether or not you're trying.

As far as helping people, I believe your gut will let you know when it's okay to help. Perhaps your hesitation has very little to do with selfishness. Inerently we all know that if you give a person a fish, they will ask for another when they're finished, but if we teach them how to fish, we can send that ass off to the pond with a pole. The next time we see them they will be fat. The very best thing we can give is a practical lesson.

I'm a sucker for a sad story. There was a time when a tale of woe told on the street or subway could empty out my pockets. Now I recognize some of them as scam artists and treat them all like acting students rehearsing monologues (You've inspired a post for me).

I am so learning to be more grateful and pulling up the shade to let the light in. Celebrating others really does increase your own blessing.

I learned the importance of active listening in college as it relates to public speaking. My instructor was adamant that you could not be a great speaker without being a great audience member. It works.

Marvelous post!

Promiscuous X said...

Shawn you are a wonderful person. One of a kind genuine person. Selfish you are never. You might think ur selfish but your not. I've never known u(almost a year) to get mad, raise ur voice. and if u were mad you would jus kinda let it roll off ya back. When I need someone to vent to over the phone or in person ur always there to lend a listening ear. Even if u don't remeber wat we talked about 2days later. You already gave me the advice. And I know u would never steer anyone in the wrong direction. Peace-maker u are.
Its true people tend to be selfish wraped up in there own problems but like stated someone is always doing worse then u be grateful for u have an not dwell on wat u don't. You might b going through wateva u going through but u hide it well. You roll with the punches an u overcome wateva obstacle lies ahead. You have ur supporters an all of blogland to back u up. Dreamsinafitted keep dreaming till it all fits into place. Can't wait for the next post.......

Jersey Brotha said...

Good points! I feel like I embody all of these too. And just like you, I'll need to work on listening too (even though I really mean well).

Omar Ramon said...

This is why he's MY Shawn..back off people and nobody gets hurt! oops...doesn't sound very avatar-ish does it?