Friday, August 17, 2007

the dream team 2.0

Ladies and GentleMEN... I love my Friends! Ever since I have been blogging, it has been my MISSION to get ALL my friends into Blogopia! Check out these BRAND SPANKING, WORLD PREMIERE BLOGS FROM THE DREAM TEAM!


WHAT IS HE KNOWN FOR: The Happy Go Lucky Sex Addict
HOW WE FIRST MET: I always seen him online, but Fuzzy invited him to bowl with us.
MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Hmm... lets just say he looks good naked under a light. lol.
WHAT I ADMIRE MOST: He is a very generous person, and is very genuine.


WHAT IS HE KNOWN FOR: The Intelligent Drinker who's the Life of the Party
HOW WE FIRST MET: At my so called "famous" birthday party. Our birthdays are only a couple of days apart.
MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Hmm... When he came up with the saying "A-Roo!"
WHAT I ADMIRE MOST: That his is outgoing, and will never back down from an argument, but he is very sincere and kindhearted.

Thoughts and Confessions
of a Jersey Brotha

WHAT IS HE KNOWN FOR: The Fun Loving Porn Provider
HOW WE FIRST MET: We have always talked during the "blackplanet era," but somehow ended up hanging out more this year.
MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: The conversation about how he will never be a bottom again!
WHAT I ADMIRE MOST: That he gives me my porn on point and popping! He's a very sweet guy as well.


fuzzy said...

My God! lol I have to say 100% true!

Jersey Brotha said...

I guess that's everybody's most memorable moment about me lol. And if I'm the porn provider I need to be chargin yall asses for my services! Everybody needs a side hustle lol.

Tyson said...

I love the fact that you always have me somewhere on your page. It is such an ego boost. (lol not that I need it) Love ya

Dominique said...

Well....I've been hooked on ur blog 4 awhile now. And now that I've read ur friends I'm thinking I should move to jersey cause uall are living it Seattle is just seems wack when I read ur blogs. Or mabey its just wack period. Anyway, all of ur friends blogs are now in my fav. On my sidekick. Uall even have a folder. I luv it. Please uall keep writing...ur keeping me frm losing my mind up here.