Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Will Bible Action Figures

Sell at Walmart?

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) said Tuesday it will test sales in some stores of biblical action figures whose makers say they are aimed at Christian parents who prefer their children play with Samson, David or Noah rather than with a comic book character or Bratz doll.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa O'Brien said the toys made by One2believe, a Valencia, Calif., company, will be offered in 425 of Wal-Mart's 3,376 discount stores and Supercenters. One2believe Chief Executive David Socha said his products were part of a " battle for the toy box" with dolls and figures that he said carry negative messages. "If you're very religious, it's a battle for your children's minds and what they're playing with and pretending. There are remakes out there of Satan and evil things," Socha said.

As a dedicated Action-Figure Collector, and lover of toys as a child, I had to weigh in my opinon on this situation. Now, I am far from a traditional Christian, but I don't have a problem with biblical action-figures for kids. What I do have a problem with is stating that all other action-figures have "negative messages."

Let's take the two toy-lines that I collect for example:

Masters of the Universe: A prince, who becomes a man by speaking a positive affirmation, "I have the Power!" He uses his power to save his family, his people, and the entire universe from evil. Even though he has a huge sword and has super strength, he rarely uses it for violence, and strongly suggests to use your brain and wit to defeat any obstacle. He promotes friendship, staying in school, and listening to your parents. Is this not the christian way?

X-Men: A group of mutants, who are born different strive to protect those that fear and hate them. The are all taught within a school to use there powers not just for violence, but to learn self-control, self defense, and to find way to best enhance humanity. They stand for equality, family, and peace within all the races. Is that not what GOD would want?

Ok, I can understand the arguement of some action-figures having some negative messages. Sure Skeletor's face is banned in many countries, and Magneto lends much to genocide but stories about the Devil & Demented Pharoahs sure isn't a positive message in itself! Where do you think these archtypes of the characters came from? The point is, the hero is suppose to be the one to overcome evil... yet Samson Action Figure sure isn't convincing me!

Take a look at Samson, the Spirit Warior description:

He was used by God to destroy his enemies and do some other pretty amazing things! (Destroying sure is Amazing!) He caught over three hundred foxes by himself... (Poor Defenseless Foxes!) He killed a lion with his bare-hands... (Beyonce can't even wear fur for fashoin, and he kills them with his hands?) He killed 30 men in one night without any weapons... (30 MEN!) and he even used the jawbone of a donkey to single-handedly defeat one thousand men! (You Murderer!)

So this is the Action-Figure that is suppose to save the toy-aisles and children's minds from evil... PLEASE! I don't know Walmart, do you really want this toy to be your savior?


ponoono said...

I notice that Samson is not wearing retro Air Jesus sandals historically accurate to a person of his place in society at the time... but instead seems to be wearing some really gay Roman Gladiator sandals instead... just like the Gladiator he is putting some S&M moves on in the first picture.

Are we to surmise he had a gladiator jumpoff at so me point in time and lifted the guys sandals? are the figure designers for this product line not just gay but kinky too?

This scores a big "wut da fuk" in the comment department.

fuzzy said...

hmmm i dont know... but its only fair to give them a chance! Many figures support violence, even He-Man! He just has a good purpose behind it... just something to toss into the equation!

Darius T. Williams said...

That's not Sampson - he's not supposed to have any hair - lol. Anyway - um, yea - this is a bad idea. Good job for trying it though...everyone else seems to be pimping the bible.

iii said...

Is this an argument about violence? If so, there is a lot of violence throughout all the books of the bible. I can understand that they want to create action figures that represent the bible. But to say they are a better representation of the current ones around is questionable. Rather it be christian or secular action figures when it comes to kids and imagination they will always (esp. boys) used them for battle and fighting. There just kids people let them be kids and have fun. It's up the the parents to teach them the proper attributes of right and wrong and good as well as bad. Having christian action figues will not teach them that.

Anonymous said...

Why not, you got fags running around twitchin, sex on public tv, LOGO on cable showing bloody anal men having butt fuck sex and kids watching porn like its a christmas story....give them something positive to look at for a change!

ShawnQt said...

@ pono
2 Funny!

@ fuzzy
Like I said in the post, I don't have a problem with them creating bible toys, but don't label every other toy as "bad."

@ darius
Most companies are about making a profit anyway, but I don't know if those are the intentions of this company.

@ kensilo
I 100% agree.

@ Captain
Using Adult Cable Television compared to a child's action figure is not valid or fair for this argument. Let's stay on topic, and to be fair, Roman Gladiator Sandals are not gay... lets leave that to the hetrosexuals.

I do say give them something positive, but like your comment, and most of the the conversations with Christians, you don't have to always make something bad, to make you feel like your product is good, when its not!

Anonymous said...

by the by, a friend of mine who went to bible college tells me that He-Man and She-Ra are both in the bible.

Anonymous said...

the captain, in fact, really likes it up the ass with a purple dildo. i know him. pathetic.

Anonymous said...

cap's on the down low.

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