Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Who knew I could be so Naked with You

Always feeling like Clark Kent
You made me feel like Superman

I never knew I could excude
confidence like I do
but when I'm with you
I let it all go

Shredding clothes
from the window to the floor
from wall to wall
I explore
from the depths of my soul
I am adorned

Imagine Me
Being Free
for all the world to see
No Shame in my Game
Assurance is my only Possiblity

Your my Sidekick 3
when the other 2 dudes left me
We are like Mobile to Mobile
on a whole other level

When I am Nude in front of you
You Get Me
My Inspiration, You get it!
My Intelligence, You get it!
My Insecurities, You get it!

It amazes me how you get me, and get me off
all in a moment with you
all while laying next to you....



Soldier said...

uh oh sexy sexy !

ThisMightBeMe said...

Most definitely tasteful and hot pics. Me likey.

Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

We waited & we were not disapointed! Tasteful!

lj said...

Brave Man...very nice pics.

ponoono said...

nice package shawn!! and a hot lil body too ! im impressed!

why was fuzzy showin his ass to the boats offshore?? is that some kind of new coast guard navigation beacon>>??

Darian said...

OMG!! You two are so beautiful together! I wish you both many years of happiness together. I just want an invitation to the wedding. Shawn you've been working on that body haven't u?! Looking good my brotha.

ShawnQt said...

I have been slacking on responding to comments here, So, from now on I will respond to every comment left! Good? Great!

@ Soldier... thanks, lol. I felt sexy. I was a lot more confident this time around then last year... Even though I had my clothes on more.

@ thismightbeme... Thanks, I dont want my pee pee out for all the world to see see.

@ quarter... Thanks I appreciate it? Are you a new blooger, I never seen you comment before?

@ lj... Thanks! For everything by the way.

@ pono... Oh Pono...only you. I feel good where I am at physically, and more motivated to keep going! Don't hate on Fuzzy, his new navigation system is on point!

@ Darian...Thank you man, I appreciate it. I have been working out, and I'm almost at my 6 month goal, so I need to kick up my body until then.

Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

I've been reading since Adult Swim. I've just never commented before. PS love the videos!

Ladynay said...

Tastefully done.

The one with you and Fuzzy holding one another while your both standing speaks alot. It's very touching. Fuzzys facial profile gave me an "awwwwwwww" moment!

U 2 are the best!

fuzzy said...

YaY I love you baby! You are so lyrical, I love it!

WhozHe said...

Nicely done. And you both have nice looking skin.

Anonymous said...

Im going to be open minded...and not give a review.

Anonymous said...

I am late as hell, but all I can say is Shawn, your words are so beautiful. Those words were the perfect narration to your pictorial story.

I am very happy for you and Fuzzy.

P.S.-- Someone has been working on those abs! You go boy!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

oh my

Motionphics said...


FearlessEGO said...

Inspiring kreativity!!!

Anonymous said...

so sexy u guys together i bet you have an awesome sex life