Monday, June 11, 2007

it's official, I'm getting a sidekick!

I have been going back and forth on this decision for months now. So I just sat down and put out the pros and cons on my reasoning, and the pros outweighed the cons...

1) I already have a reliable phone that works.
2) Everyone has a Sidekick 3.
3) I have the internet and instant messenger at home.
4) That is a lot of money for a phone.
5) I can save my money for an Xbox 360 or PS3.

1) While I love my Razr, it seems very limited to me.
2) I love the way the Sidekick 3 looks, and it makes me happy thinking about it!
3) I will always have access to the internet and friends who text me all the time.
4) I can get a discount from T-Mobile next month.
5) Do I really play games like that? I can have this all the time.


I can read blogs, check e-mail, and look up information on the spot. I can customize the screens as well as the outside, which I love. I will only have to be spending $5 more then what I pay now monthly... and I get 400 extra minutes. Fuzzy always has these gadgets and makes me jealous. Jay has one, and Dante & Calvin are getting one this year to. I can't afford nor will I switch to ATT for an Iphone!

So next month, I am going to go for it! If anyone has a Sidekick 3 and have any tips, let me know!


Jay said...

You know I love my sidekick. Texting is easy and fast. Instant messenging is like being on a computer. Get it and we can play spades all day

Mr. Jones said...

Smart phones are fun, but beware, they can also be extremely addictive. I recently posted in my blog about how in love with and reliant on my Blackberry I am. These things are great, but they sort of become your lifeline to the outside world.

HUMightyMouse said...

I LOVVEEE my sidekick. I am additcted to it. Once you start texting on a sidekick you will hate every other phone. Make sure you get it insured because you wont be able to live without it. i usually read ur blog on my sidekick!!!. And as much as i want the iphone I hate cingular and plus i couldnt imagine not having my sidekick. Welcome new sidekick user!!! Have fun

ponoono said...

i jus got a new crackberry through verizon.


im very pleased with it overall

my own cell phone is a quad band motorola PEBL through tmobile

do u intedn to put this sidekick in your pocket? if so.. u arenot gonna be happy !!!! its too damm big

ShawnQt said...

@ jay
ooooooooo spades!

@ mr. jones
I thought about that as well. I know I will be like that for the first month, but I should be able to calm down after that. I liket the thought I can have info where ever I go. It's the wave of the future!

@ humighty
I just figured out how to read blogs perfectly on phones, I will do a post about it soon. Wow I get to be a sidekick buddy with you, holla!

@ ponoono
Can I do some side jobs for you so I can get some sidekick money? lol.

Soldier said...

cant help u, blackberry lover here.
Already addicted 2 my laptop ! So like mr. jones said... beware, addictions start fast !

Omar Ramon said...

O lawd...

ReddMann said...

Been Treoing for 3 years and couldn't see life without it... quite addictive.

fuzzy said...

well there needs to be absolutely NO SIDE JOBS!!! Stay on subject, we are talking about sidekicks here... lol

I didn't know you were jealous of my gadgets, you never said anything... well I say go for it! one condition... once you get the sidekick I want no excuses why you can't send a reply to a message... or email, because now you have plenty of access!

another note... someone suggested insurance, i second that suggestion. make sure it covers the screen and find out what it doesn't cover... (why i haven't purchased one bacause i would break the screen so fast it would be amazing)

ttyl baby hope ya work day is moving along...