Sunday, April 15, 2007

soundtrack: last night

This song is so HOT! Diddy & Keyshia Cole really did there thing! Since me and Sean have the same name (different spellings) I found it fitting to create myself like his latest album cover, Press Play.

Tight? I know!

DESPERATION... That feeling of security. Gone.
PAIN. HEARTACHE. It's as if your world is coming to and end...
Haven't we all been there before?

What do you do when you have to let go?

I know I have had my fair share of broken hearts, and remember each memory of the last night I was with them. As much as I would love the tell the story of each one, I rather not relive or retell all of them. I do want to tell this one story.

His name was Kevin. Oh Kevin...

He was tall, dark, & handsome. Don't we all love that! He lived in New York, and worked near Wallstreet. I met him at a house party. We hit it off right away. He told me, "Can I be your date for tonight?" I was like, sure... and held me all night, while we danced, as we played games, he even held me tighter so I wouldn't leave. He was so hot! He had an amazing smile, toned body, and a 11 inch dick! Very Funny, mild mannered, and educated. A true gentlemen.

But of course, there was no such thing as a perfect Gentlemen.
He had just moved into an apartment with his roomate, and he didn't have a cell phone or a house phone. The only way to communicate with him was through a pay phone. Even then, I could only talk to him for 10 minutes, or for how long his phone card would last. Man... that was a lot of waiting by the phone. But I loved him, and I did talk to him every night.

We did spend New Years together. We spent a night I will never forget.

That wouldn't be the only night I wouldn't I would forget. We had been dating for 3 months, and on this night, he called me. Much like everytime, I was happy to hear his deep & mellow voice. As we talked, I asked him if I could see him that weekend. He told me that we needed to talk. He explained to me that his roomate was not his roomate at all, but his ex! They got the apartment together, but had broken up and was free to date other people. While he did love me, his ex said that he wanted to try to make them work, if not he was moving to another state forever.

Kevin wanted to try it one more time...
and break my heart for the first.

I bursted in tears as if I had no control over it. How could he do this to me? I have been nothing but good to him, and he leaves me for him? That weekend we met at the World Trade Center, which was close to his Job. We sat there, as I looked into his eyes, and started to cry again. He held me as people in the lobby looked on. I didn't care. I was heartbroken. He told me he still loved me, kissed me one last time, and went on his way.

A couple of months later, the Twin Towers came crumbling down.
To this day, my spirit believes that he died on 9/11 since he worked so close.

I never heard from again.
The night he broke my heart, was the Last Night I ever saw him.

// ShawnQt //


Soldier said...

I saw it and i went like " oh no he didnt !" (snap, snap)
ok im kiddin, i dont snap but i would have if it was in my habits lol

mmm... @ the boi dying at WTC, it's a very... interesting metaphor

pono said...

look him up on the victims list!!!

Omar Ramon said...

hope he didn't die. the roomate story is so old...ugh... people and their ex's . You can only imagine the look I would have given him the last night. I'm a bitch/asshoole (however you choose to put it) when my feeling are hurt. he wouldn't have gotten a tear out of me. Not to his face.

Ladynay said...

You're 2 talented.

ShawnQt said...

LOL @ Snapping... thanks for the compliment!

I really hope he wasn't there that day, but he takes the train there to get to work, and when I tired to call him, I couldn't get through... something was wrong with the signal. (he had a cell phone by this time)

I called again afterwards, and still nothing. He would call to check up on my from time to time, but never did after that day.


@ pono
Don't know If I have the courage to do that. Besides, I don't remember his last name. I am sure there are plenty of Kevins!

@ omar
I was pissed off over the situation at first, but I couldn't get so mad at him... he told me upfront, and he was always so nice to me. But a liar is a liar... besides he was the first to break my heart, I really thought it was going to work.

@ ladynay

Anonymous said...

OMG..i feel like crying!!!! Thats such a sad story, Shawn!!

Cal :(

ponoono said...

summary: ... you met this sweet guy, you had a great time, he was a prospect, he turned out to have strings on him.. you don't remember his last name but you do remember that he had an 11 inch cock.

analysis: you are definitely gay! no more questions in our minds :) huggs and kisses...

ShawnQt said...

i can't stand you pono, lol

Marz said...

I would love to see a book of all your personal graphic arts designs. I can only imagine.

I was jsut at Ground Zero last Saturday. It was very emotional for me. (Also, diddy makes the song bad, it's all about Keyshia Cole.)


Black said...

Man that was really touching. The thing is maybe he didn't die that day but that chapter of your life did. Sometimes it can be really hard to get over someone that you love (no matter how they treated you). Just know that the possiblility to love is out there and there is even a greater posibility that you will find the one that can love you.

Jay said...

i almost shed a tear after reading this...boys suck and karma's a bitch

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

You left me speechless with that, Thanks for sharing ....

Anonymous said...

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