Sunday, January 21, 2007

perfection in the process

I was moved by a scripture in Genesis, that seemed very inspirational to me:

"And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." - Genesis 11:6

This line to me, commits to GOD's wisdom of the unlimited potential of man. We together as one, can do many great and amazing things, and thus also do many ungrateful things as well.

The scripture is taken from the context of the story of the Tower of Babel. The story is used as an origin behind different languages. Many believe that man was trying to build a tower to heaven, to be equal or over throw GOD, thus GOD "confusing" the language of the builders to stop the construction.

I think that this is a mistranslation. By understanding the context of the Babylonians, the reasoning of building Ziggurats, which the Tower of Babel is, was to create a dwelling place for their GOD to enter Earth. They wanted to create a place for GOD to be one with man, not to be over God. Such a place can be seen as a notable honor to GOD's power.

The debate of creating such a "tower" is debatable. Let alone which GOD they created the Tower of Babel for.

In any case, let us look at the intention of the story, if humanity was just trying to honor GOD, why would GOD come down to "confuse" the language of the builders?

Another reasoning of building the Tower was for human beings to stay put in the land of Shinar. They wished to make a name for themselves in the land they were in. Some believe that "making a name for themselves" means to create a name for themselves above GOD... but could this also mean that they just wanted to create a great nation? Let us become the "United States of America," for example. Let us create a country that we can call our own, and be recognized for our human potential. Let us build a great city, but also show honor to God with this tower. yet, They did not wish to go out into the rest of the world. They did not want to scatter, but stay put and be as one people.

It is an conceivable thought to say that GOD created the "confusion of language" as a process of letting human beings know that humans should go out into the earth and multiple, so that they can bring forth not just one nation, but many nations? "Be Fruitful & Multiply." This was a time right after the so called "Great Flood of Noah" Would not the world need to be explored more?

Could not the "confusion of languages" be a test to humanity's potential? Can you still create a world even when you can not understand each other verbally? Can the world be wonderful not only in one language, but in many languages?

God in the original biblical story did not destroy the tower, the people just gave up. Human beings made a choice. This also reminds me of another passage from the Conversations With God Book:

"There is perfection in the process, and all life arrives out of choice. It is not appropriate to interfere with choice, not to question it. It is particularly inappropriate to condemn it. What is appropriate is to observe it, and then do what ever what might be done to assist the soul in seeking and making a higher choice. Be watchful there for of the choices of others, but not judgmental. Know that there choice is perfect for them and this moment now, yet stand ready to assist them should the moment come when they seek a newer choice, a different choice, a higher choice. Move in the communion with the souls of others, and there purpose, there intention will be clear to you.

This is what Jesus did with those he healed. And with all those lives he touched, Jesus healed all those who came to him, or who sent others to him, supplicating for them. He did not perform a random healing to have done so would have to violate a sacred law of the universe. Allow each soul to walk its path." - CWG B1

This to me was a realization of GOD's ability to know what is best for humanity, and also having faith in the ability of GOD's creation. We have to understand the perfection in the process. Even when can't see the finish line, GOD CAN! Even when we don't see the purpose of GOD, GOD DOES! Even when we as human beings don't have faith in ourselves, GOD WILL!


prince alexander said...

It is so funny you should write about this. I actually thought about this story on the train into the city the other day. In reflecting about the Tower of Babel story, I just thought that it was God himself that brought on the differences that humanity doesn't cherish. It was God that created these differences, yet we still have people fighting over many things including how, what and when to worship God.

God created the linquistic and subsequent cultural divisions, yet we as humans don't honor that which he has created. Crazy.

heartbreaker said...

it's crazy for people to say that God created "confusion" which is a complete contrast of his character, nothing He does is out of order, PLUS there are so many words that are universal in any language (i.e. hallelujah) but yeah, you know they say 60% of all communication is non-verbal and 30% is voice tone, so it taskes LISTENING - meaning 90% of communication is not coming from your MOUTH, but by listening -lol- that's why people get so confused cuz we don't LISTEN and pay attention to the most obvious of details, and though our finite minds may not understand, what is, just simply IS and it is perfect beyond our understanding

i like this post, very educational ;)

ReddMann said...

interesting translation i think you made some good points

fuzzy said...

Very Good points indeed. I can say for certain that God is not the author of confusion. If anything clarity is his specialty! But I don't know if I can specifically comment on that passage because I'm not familiar with it in that depth. Are you trying to give me homework?

Marz said...

It's interesting to me when I look back on the things i learned in church and see just how screwed up I was, and those people tried to make me.

They always said that the people were trying to build a temple that reached heaven so they could take over, and have sex with angels and nonsense of that sort. They got into outerspace and God made them all speak different languages. Then the sunday school teacher would shut the book and say, " And that's why we all speak different languages. WEll of course not us. BUt the people who speak French and Spanish, they all come from God not wanting us to enter heaven".


( I know I'm a bit off subject. But different people get different things. :-)


Dayne Avery said...


ShawnQt said...

@ prince
Honor is key.

@ heartbreaker
I agree with you on the "confusion" point... yet I question this, if GOD created EVERYTHING, could not GOD by fault create confusion when GOD created clarity? It's hard to make sense of situations that have little logic.

@ reddmann
The main point i wanted to focus on was that I wanted to people to see GOD in a Positive light. To see human beings in a positive light. Does everything have to be about GOD's wrath and human sin? What about GOD's LOVE and Human pontential?

@ Fuzzy
I understand your comment on "clarity" & "confusion"!

@ marz
It is all about translation, and how you read things. Somethings are right, and some things are wrong, and somethings are open to interpretation!

@ dayne