Sunday, January 14, 2007


u like? :)

I was inspired by Bougie to expand on this post from his newest entry, Self-Exploitation: The Analyzation of My Body.


Back in the day, I was Slim with Abs. Now after 26 years, a boyfriend for a cook, and a million french fries later, I have a gut and a plump booty. great! I know most of you guys are saying, ummm... where? Trust me its there, I just hide it very well! Now, I'm not overweight. I am usually 135lbs, never going over 140lbs. NOW... I'm 150lbs! I never been that much! This is a shock, for me! Well 150lbs for my size isn't bad. I just need to turn ALL of that into muscle instead of disgusting fattiness. I'm not saying I'm going on a diet, I'm not saying I'm going to work out everyday... but I am going to make a CONSIOUS EFFORT to come up with a plan to get rid of this mess!

For those of you who don't know who Calvin is. He was suppose to run with me, but bailed out! He is one of my great friends! I showed you guys a picture of him before, but I'll show it again, just to embrass him!

Hey Cal Cal!
He is gorgeous. He has so many admirers, and he is just not into anyone. I respect that though, he has a million jobs and is going back to school. That's more important. Yet having a sexual occasion now and again isn't to bad to! For some reason I kinda push my friends to have sex. I'm always trying to find Omar a man. Omar can pull any brotha he wants, but he is so picky, and doesn't like to just have sex with anyone. But can't you just have sex with Mr. Right Now, while on the road to finding Mr. Right? lol. I should stop, but if I'm having good sex, I want everyone to have good sex! Besides, I like to hear about the hot steamy escapades from my friends. If you can't tell you friends, who can you tell?

You know what's funny? When I first dated Fuzzy, I would tell my friends about how good Fuzzy was in bed, and everyone would be so excited for me, and want to hear more. Now? I tell them about how good Fuzzy is in bed, and they cringe and cover there ears! Did all of the sudden good sex become so bad to talk about? Is it because they see Fuzzy different now that he is pretty much part of the family?

Anyway, back on topic.
When ever I meet somebody new, I would always ask them this question.

What are your three best physical attributes, and your three best personality attributes?
I'm going to ask that question to you guys! Why? Cause I'm curious so just answer it! lol.

Let me give you mine. Please note, don't give an answer of what people think of you, but what you think of yourself.

Three Best Physical Traits:
1) My Lips. I like my lips because they are soft, small, but plump. I am like the best kisser ever!
2) My Nose. This is a new appreciation. It so small and cute, and it fits my face well.
3) My DIck. I'm Blunt, I know, but got to be honest, lol. I will spare you guys the details.

Three Best Personality Traits:
1) My Open Mindedness: I am very open to other people's thoughts & realities. Non Judgemental. A Good Listener.
2) CrazySexyCool Mentality: The lovely ladies of TLC has instilled that in me. Sometimes I think I am a male version of all of them. I can be very playful & youthful, and I like being silly. I like to express my sexuality when ever I can, yet always tasteful. I can also be very laid back, cool, stylish, and get along with most people.
3) Creativity: I have it to no end! Everything I do, I got to do it right! When I'm passionate about something I have to give that extra something to it. Creativity is my Self Expression.


[I'm at work, so I didn't edit the post, but I will later, I promise!]


pono said...

shawn.. u lookin pretty sexy in those long undies.. sorta like my grandpa ehehhee. nice lil bulge goin on....

Soldier said...

hey there cutie, how u been ?

Anonymous said...

You always have something cool and interesting on your blog. I have to start making this a common blog I visit. I kinda been slacking since you switched

ShawnQt said...

Seems like the comments section was acting up, you can go ahead and write away!

Ladynay said...

When I viewed the cube a few days ago my mouth just dropped!

Even got the "I know you want me" look down pact!

Your a bad man Shawn...a bad bad man! LOL

Kensilo said...

Man ... nice... you always know how to to be creative. That's the major thing that I like about u and your blog. Stay creative!

Playboy Adonis said...

I'm glad your comments section was down for the last couple days. I checked back everyday to see if the comments were back online. Since I was each time I decided I might as well take another peak at the pics...LOL

I was looking at one in particular but there was a slight blemish....then it hit me, thats not a photo blemish, those are pants....LOL

What is Fuzz saying about these? Your site and his is getting more erotic with each passing day...

Soldier said...

Oh my god, an extended post, that's very LasVegas-ish lol.
Lmao @ you sayin that you're fat with those 150 lbs !!!
I hate this but i'll do it cause well... it wouldnt be fun if some did and others not, i'll make it short tho :
1) Eyes : I know they can be so expressive. I can make people laugh without sayin a word !
2) Body "shape" : It has its share of... "deliciousness". lol. I'm not gonna say more than that
3) Height : Damn, it's just cool to be 6'2" (Or is that 6'3" ?) and scare people ! lol

Personnality :
1) I'm honest and blunt, with the people i care about. The others, well.. they might not be ready for that lol
2) I'm a pisces : i dream a lot, like to have fun, like to smile, make others smile, i have a lot of positive energy, and my imgaination has no limits...
3) i love to love, and i love being loved, family, friends, my lover, god, i just love love itself.
BUT ! I NEVER SAY IT ! EVER ! to the people i love. I'm definitely a "shower" when it comes to love.

CJ said...

Embrass is not even the word I'm looking for!! I still love you though Shawn. How about this, lets go half on a bowflex to make up me bailing out on you?
I need to keep up on reading your blog. Its always interesting reading them. You're so creative!!

Quaheem said...

Yeah...Calvin is definitely a cutie...

I got a crush....

Larry D. Lyons II said...

i remember.

Jay said...

my eyes- i do a lot of flirting with my eyes and my eyes are key to everything i do.
my mouth- while ask someone else, they can explain better than i can, right
my ass- it isn't perfect but i like it.

listener- i'm a good listener and enjoy helping
bluntness- you ask i will tell you.
caring- above everything else i have a loving heart and will do just about anything for my family and friends.

Playboy Adonis said...

My best physical features

1: My asian eyes - I never met my mom but when I look at myself in the mirror, I can almost see her in me.

2: My lips - I like to kiss a lot and I love the response my dude gives when I wrap my lips around is cock.

3: My dick - My dick is beautiful. Its real thick and the color of it is beautiful to me. Its one of those dicks that would make you wanna suck it when you see it.

My best personality traits

1: I am selfish - I have to be on top of my game and I try to set an example to the people around me. This kind of being selfish is alright because I try to show my friends that we have to take care of ourselves first before we can try to do or take care of somebody else. And because I am so selfish, I am always able to give to others because I stocked up so much for myself.

2: I am an over acheiver - Because of my competitiveness, I have won scholarships, jobs, and other responsibilities. I am only this way because of a negative feature of my life (not having parents) I had to put my energies somewhere and that was being competitive in everything I did.

3: I can be the easiest going sometimes - also out of a negative feature of no parents, I was able to see the world differently than others around me. I was able to not take things so serious. When everybody else is having panic attacks, I am relaxed and telling the world to bring more on.

fuzzy said...

I'm gonna do a piggy back post to this... RIDICULUS!!!

I'ma get you for puttin all those sexy pics of you on this post! U wait and see...

Marz said...

ROLLS EYES AND PURSES LIPS AT 135 being fat when that's like one of my thighs. (Skinny heifers.) LOL

Speaking of tlc. Thye've been playing it like CRAZY at my job. It was like a throwback cd. Old School MAry and everything.


heartbreaker said...

so sexy, i love it!!

fuzzy said...


My comment before was forced lol here is the real comment. I dont see any major curvatures on you lol but I'm all for you wit a major diesal 6-pack! I'll probably try to join in the exercises when its convenient and desireable... I need some work also

I'm not going to say all of that about myself just yet. I'm gonna do a piggyback post on my blog. Yes I'm a biter, say somethin!

dancehard said...

ooohh lookit you showing all your sexiness and wanting people to do the same! I LOVE IT. Now for the responses

Best physical attributes:

1) My smile: My grill was JACKED UP as a child. After 5 years of braces and plently of personal TLC, I now have a dazzling set of pearly whites that I love for all to see! Go orthodontics!
2) My thighs/booty: I've grown to love my big ol' round, firm booty and thick thighs. They get too much damn attention tho! And everybody thinks I'm a bottom just cuz I got ass....geez.
3)My height: I used to HATE being short (5'7"), but now I love it! Well until someone tall sits in front of me :)

Best personality attributes:

1)My generosity: Although people try to exploit it sometimes, I enjoy giving of myself to others. And it blows me away when others GIVE BACK.

2)My sexuality: Although I'm suppressing it right now, I'm a straight up freak. Not a nasty, raunchy one, but a sexy, sensual one. Intimacy is so damn appealing to me, and I'm not just talking about sex. I approach pleasing my partner like a predator sometimes...reel the guy in by making him drop his guard and defenses (ie. massages, head rubs, good food), intiate the case/capture (bomb ass foreplay), then....BAM!!! Put so much good lovin on his ass that we wake up the neighbors...YESSIR!!!!

3) My affection: If you haven't noticed, I can be a very emotional kat. I get it from my dad I think. I not only speak of my love...I show it. I'm always huggin' on folks, giving pecks on the cheek/forehead, high-fives, pushing folks when they work my nerves, tenderly man-handling my nephs and nieces.

Queer Kid Of Color said...

Thank goodness you spare us the details about your penis.

[Queer Kid checks watch]

Quick email me the details.

Dont tell Fuzzy.