Sunday, October 08, 2006

what should I create?

Yesterday I decided to buy some paint supplies to start working on my personal creative project. I don't know what made me just get them yesterday, but here they are...

I'm going to start off small, and do something simple just to get back in the hang of things. I haven't painted in at least 3 or 4 years. So what do I paint? I want to stay with the theme of "Dreams" Once I come up with the concept I go into my creative process:

1) I listen to music.
I listen to Beyonce because of the passion she brings to a song. I love her lyrics, they paint a picture. I listen to Kanye for how he creates concepts and how he delivers them with a social message. I listen to Bjork because she takes me to an abstract place. In my mind, I think that creating art is like creating a song... or an album. I think the same way when writing a poem.

2) I look for artistic/design work.
I flip through a couple of design books for ideas on colors, excution, & interesting shapes that work with my concept. I also look at people's fashion. There is some amazing design in clothes that I love to put in my creative projects. I flip through comic books to look at bodies, different perpectives of landscape, and how they can create moments in one shot. I even look at artwork from the past.

3) Think again. Flush out the concept.
I usually do this by writing down words and creating sketches on what "creative moment" I want to create. I think about if it makes sense to me, and will it makes sense to others. Do I want it to be subtle, subdued in mystery, or easily understood? How will it look on the wall, or with other work? Does it represent who I am and my style? Do I want to go into strong detail, or keep it minimal?

Once I go through all that, I get to work! Now what should I create now?

// ShawnQt //


Valentino said...

I know you're gonna let us see when you're done right? ...

Delaleuverses said...

very inspirational, please display your work of art when you're done, can't wait :)

Daryn said...

I know this post is real old but I'd love to see something based on that dream u wrote about b4...the whole Hollywood Stars thing... that would be a fun image lol