Wednesday, October 04, 2006

call on me

I was sitting at work, trying to get this project done before my boss came back to the office. I forgot to put my phone on vibrate, and my cellphone starts to ring. I look at the caller id, and the name GOD comes up. I stop to look at it, and pause. I ask myself, "Is this really GOD?" The words G-O-D continues to flash as my beyonce/dejavu ringtone plays on.

Is this my calling? Do I answer?


A couple of weeks ago I was fascinated by how a couple of friends of mine can do so many amazing things for other people. Everyone is so talented! I wanted to do something big. I know that my blog has had some kind of impact on a couple of people's lives, but I still want to do more. Mostly this blog is for me. I want to create a vehicle where I can help others. Throughout my life I have always felt like the "underdog." I got tired of being a nerd, so I became more popular. I got tired of just drawing, so I became an artist. I got tired following other people's rules, so I created a leadership of my own. Yet at ever step I became higher, there was someone still more popular then me, more talented then me, more motivated then me. I think most people can relate to me on this struggle.


So, like Beyonce says, I need an UPGRADE. A good friend of mine was talking to me about this new venture he wanted to do. Of course I'm always down to helping my friends out. Once we continued talking about it, I thought that if I played a more upfront and instrumental role, then this could be my "calling." Not only could I be creative, write, I could also have a voice and help people and help uplift the black gay community. This project has potential to he HUGE!


The words G-O-D continues to flash as my beyonce/dejavu ringtone plays on.
Is this my calling?

I answered the phone.

// ShawnQt //


Jamal K. Franklin said...

Alright for the metaphoric symbolism!

Anonymous said...

OK- I'll be sure to call!

Anonymous said...

It sometimes come to us in that manner.

Ladynay said...

Good luck

Marz said...


And yes, there will always be someone more talented, beautiful, and whatever than you. But you just have to stay focused.

And MS. knowles was talking about upgrading Jay-Z. Becase WE ALL KNOW, he was a gutterish N&)(*^(*, and she made him into a nice Negro/African American.