Saturday, October 14, 2006

my own people left me to die

my own people left me to die
but why?

I was there
sitting in the back of the bus

I was there
when they didn't allow me to vote

I was there
as they beat me because of my skin

Look, there I am
standing right next to you
as I pump my fist in the air

Look, there I am
sitting right next to you
on these college steps

Look, there I am
walking with you
holding my protest sign with you

yet, you left me to die
because to you, I'm not human in your eyes
you now have your rights
yet I am denied mine

because I'm black
and gay

and as these people continue to bash me
and you just stand there
with all your blackness

leaving your own brother to die

In Memory of Michael Sandy


Valentino said...


fuzzy said...

I heard about the bashing yesterday... you can never be careful enough can you...

E...* said...

wow is all i can say as well...