Sunday, October 29, 2006


God communicates with everyone, question is will you listen... and if you don't hear GOD, maybe a game with Jigsaw will truly make you appreciate living... as you make a choice to survive.

This weekend I watched the above movies that had two totally different aspects of the human experience. One of inspiration, and one of suffering & torture. Yet both with the common goal. Appreciate Life.

Fuzzy, Omar, and Myself took a ride deep down into the depths of Jersey to watch a movie that was only showing in selected theatres in the United States.

Conversations with GOD is The true story of Neale Walsch who, at the lowest point in his life, asks God some very hard questions. The answers he gets from God/within himself become the foundation of an internationally acclaimed book series that has sold over 7 million copies and been translated into 34 languages. The film chronicles the dramatic journey of a down and out man who inadvertently becomes a spiritual messenger and best-selling author.

I have personally read all three of the books, and it has profoundly changed my life, as well as my view on GOD. It opened up my eyes to see GOD in a broader and more loving way, while still appreciating the religion I grew up in.

It felt really good to share it with Omar (who has also read the book) and Fuzzy (who is looking into reading it) because it has such a strong impact on my life. That night I had a dream about me helping out people who I considered my brother and sisters. Seems like when my mind is set on spiritual things, the messages from GOD come through a lot clearer.

Saturday morning, we watched Saw 1 & 2 since I haven't seen either. I was never really allowed to watch Horror Movies when I was younger, so a lot of the classics I missed out on. It is quite interesting watching these movies now as an adult. When I saw the first two movies, I was purely grossed out!

The Saw Series is about is a fictional villain called JigSaw. He is different from most fictional serial killers as he does not kill his victims directly, but instead relies on various lethal traps in which he places his victims.
Considering people undeserving and unappreciative of the life, He began his mission to make people appreciate their blessings and realize how precious life truly is. He plans meticulously for his "subjects", painstakingly creative devices to "test" them. For example, Paul, the man who had slashed his wrists was sentenced to crawl through a maze of razor wire. Most of the traps involve quick thinking, ethically difficult decisions and often self-mutilation.

Jigsaw believes that he has never killed anyone in his life and that the choices that his victims make are up to them. Here are some questions I thought about while watching this movie:

1. Who is really the villain in the movie? Most of the people Jigsaw chooses have did some kind of wrong doing in there lives. Sure, they are placed in punishment, but they are giving a choice to sacrfice for there salvation and survive if they have the will to live.

2. Can punishment really make someone change there lives?

3. What if GOD created a system much like Jigsaw's traps? I mean we have Hell right?

4. Which suffering is worse? The ability to live life with out meaning or purpose, or having someone twist your arms around in a matter of minutes?

Conversations with GOD was a good movie about redemption, will power, and the ability to take control of your life for GOD. The book is far more inspiring then the movie, so if anything I suggest reading the book. Then if you have the stomach for it, rent the Saw films, and really think about how your lliving your life. If GOD can't inspire you to do great things... think about being tortured by a crazed serial killer, then maybe you'll get the point!


fuzzy said...

Oh I got the point, lol. I gotta get myself together! I loved this weekend, I complained about driving to the boonies to see the movie but I am glad that I went. I do want to buy the book so I can read it, I think there might be something in it for me. what are we going to do next weekend?

Trent Jackson said...

You know...this really requires a lot of thinking.

I think Jigsaw (who looks hella funny on that bike by the way) is a lot similar to Karma...the things we do we have to pay for them one way or another...

But it's interesting how both spectrums actually coincide with one another...I need to read this post again...

Good one Shawn :-)

Ladynay said...

I may have to go see this Saw movie series...

Dayne Avery said...

I think I may have to read those books. I've heard you speak of them a few times. Maybe it will help me answer some questions of my own.

Anonymous said...

I will have to be on record to say that God does NOT communicate with everyone. There are some that is completely cut off from Him.

ShawnQt said...

@ Dayne... great book, get it!

@ Captain

Hey! Welcome!
It all depends on what communication you are willing to receive. Do you think that GOD only communicates in one way? Oh GOD DOES IT IN AN INFINITE WAYS! Why do we try to limit GOD's love and mercy on all, I don't understand.

I starting to think you Captain is the one not listening.

trishlet said...

really interesting, thought provoking questions. thank you.

Anonymous said...

You have me thinking now. You really do.

Marz said...

This is why I like you so much. I don't know ANYONE that would compare a movie about God and a horror film.

But yet it works, it's interesting, and thoughts have been inspired.


ShawnQt said...

Thank you Marz, u really made my DAY!

Joseph said...

Good post, bro! Keep it up! :)