Thursday, October 01, 2009


I had a couple of meetings with a lot of people about job employment and Freelance opportunities. This week was the beginning of my grind and hustle to have my talent really work for me. Not only my design talent but also my talent to touch people and inspire. The Meetings went well!

On the flip side, Im not going to be making the money I used to... yet, but my plan is to use my time and work in a small amount of time, and get paid for what Im worth, yah dig?

Time to let the stars align... even if I have to sacrfice for awhile. God reassured me that if I stay focused then God will make things happen and I will be tRansfOrmed into the person I need to be!

On another note, The FIVEblackguys will also be going through a tRansfOrmation. I love what we do as a group, and love making videos, and its important that we all have enough energy to inspire, so there will soon come a new era in creativity! We all love each other, and no matter what we will still support and be there for each other!

Hope everyone is doing good! Remarkable and are doing very well! He is working on trying to find his niche and creativity as well... you know, I try and do what ever I can, but a man has to find his own destiny!

Im still trying to get a Macbook Pro so I can work on my designs a lot more, if anyone wants to help me out, PLEASE shout me out! A tRansfOrmer needs his gadgets!

Love U Guys!


Darius T. Williams said...

What are you transforming?

fuzzy said...

I will sow when I can. I hope your transformation is everything you want and hope it to be. I'm right there if you ever need any help.