Monday, May 18, 2009

twitter & beyond

It felt really good being with my friends this weekend. If only you guys knew how much I really do care about you them. I have been emotional a lot today. My relationships either it be with Remarkable, Family, Friends or the general community is important to me. I hate to feel imbalanced.

But overall I'm cool.

So I joined Twitter, and I realized like most things, you get what you put into it. As I told you guys before... I refuse to talk about mundane things like "sitting on the toilet" or "I'm washing my balls" or something like that. A little bit of humor and positive energy goes a long way to its destruction! Oh you think I joined Twitter because I was sucked in? I joined to destroy it from the inside! 140 characters at a time! Honestly, we will see how it goes in the next couple of weeks.

What I don't like about twitter is the conversations that really don't interest me. Like Sports! I don't like sports, and all day yesterday everyone kept talking about that damn Lakers game, Even Brandy, and yah know I love me some Brandy, but ugggh! LOL.  I also don't like hearing other people's conversations and not know what they heck they are talking about. Its like being in a room, and someone in the corner is just having a good ol' time with there inside joke! But hey, that's the nature of the BEAST. Also realized that people that I admire, are not that interesting on twitter. On top of that, the more people I follow, the more my phone bogs down with bugs! As much as I want to follow everyone, its really not going down! That don't mean we not cool, its just that, I love my phone more! Hit me up on YAHOO, or better yet CALL ME, Want my Number? LOL.

In REAL LIFE... my aunt tells me that my father wants my phone number because he has been clean for 8 months and he wants to have a "relationship" with me. I don't know how I feel about that. I have never had my father in my life. period. So I don't know how to. Funny how someone that you never really had a contact with can make you so emotional. I do want to talk to him and see why he did what he did, and forgive him if I can. We will see how it goes.

Me and Remarkable are wonderful! Hey Baby! He sneaks and reads my blog from time to time, so I'm going to give him a SHOUT OUT! "Make sure the international people go in the right line, lol." So yeah, we are doing really good. He has been working out. Note, how I say HE. He has been working out and he is coming together really well! I saw him last night in his cute little, welll anyway... he looked nice! :)  I have been lazy. Don't get me wrong, my body is still cool, just not "Summer Ready!" Tommorrow though...

Work is Work. Still looking for a job. That's that about that subject.

What else?

The FIVEBLACKGUYS Anniversary is going really well. We had females take over our day, and I felt DREA did a wonderful job. She has a great sense of positive energy that matches mine, which is what I loved about her. I think I have been coined as the "ENERGETIC" one in the group. Someone made a comment that I should bottle up some of my energy and sell it or something. I mean I just try and be positive and funny, and make people feel good after a long hard work week. 

So Last week I had to eat DOG FOOD! Ughhhh... never again! It was hard seeing me eat it also! And I didn't even pay attention to Chilli eating the food I threw up! If you haven't seen the video, please go! Ok maybe not, its nasty! 

Oooohh Boy You Nasty! LOL

Yeah never again. Unless someone pays me.

I saw Star Trek like last week. GREAT MOVIE, even if your not a trekkie. Can't wait to see Transformers! When does that come out again? Should I go see Angels and Demons? I'm not sure yet.

OK I'm starting to ramble now, that's my cue to leave!
Enjoy your week guys... more videos are coming. Don't act like they ain't and stuff!

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fuzzy said...

You asked me to do something regarding the fiveblackguys. are we still going to do that? we are past the half month mark...