Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So what made the video so GAY?

So in just 24 Hours, my reaction video to "Sexy Spec's" ummm... Dance Challenge has reached over 5,500 views! It was even featured on two gossip websites! I mean its been crazy! Overall, most of the comments have been relating to the comedic aspect of the video, but I have also got some very homophobic comments not only towards Sexy Spec himself, but us as well!

I for one take everything with my funny bone intact cause some of the comments were just ridiculous. All and all, to me it was pure comedy!

But this experience brings up an interesting question. Sexy Spec has already went on the radio to state that he is "not gay, and that the video was just for the ladies." All we can do is take his word for it right?

So then, what makes this video so GAY?

There is no doubt about it, Spectacular is a pretty dude! Light skin, braided hair, well groomed. No one can't disagree he is a cutie, but does him being "pretty" make him gay? There are plenty of "pretty" guys that are heterosexual.  Wouldn't a women want someone that is attractive?

Now we all know that there are a million straight dudes that grind on YouTube. I have passed by a couple in my day! What makes what he did any different that any other dude? I mean truth be told, Omarion, Chris Brown and Day26 have grinded on stage before. Spectacular does this kind of dancing on stage all the time for the ladies, why is this any different?

Ok lets tackle the Briefs first. Sure we can argue that boxers are more manly then briefs, but all in all, any men gay or straight can wear any kind of underwear they want! We all have a pair in our drawers. I think women find both underwear sexy, right? So is it the color? Is the color to gay? Is there such thing as a gay color? I mean they weren't rainbow right? And red does symbolize sexiness? If we saw any other man in red briefs would it be a problem? Wouldn't the ladies like a man in some sexy red briefs?

Would this be an issue if this was any ol' dude on YouTube? Does him dancing in red briefs to sell a record make him gay? We all know how hard it is to promote a musical project in this day in age... was this just a good marketing scheme? Everyone watches videos on YouTube anyway, so if anything shouldn't he be celebrated for being such a genius instead of being  called gay?

In conclusion. Let's say Sexy Spec is a heterosexual.
Then doesn't that change the way we think about homosexuality?
Can you imagine a world where Straight Men can be so open and free?
Will we call Omarion, Bow Wow & Trey Songz GAY if they take the challenge? 



bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Lets be clear, those weren't regular fruit of the loom briefs. Just wanted to say that lol. N sure he can be str8 (in his own mind) if he wants to be. Free country, right...? LMAO!


Anonymous said...

It was jus a myriad of different things. Its just so obvious!

MR said...

Uh, those briefs are more pink than red to me but whatever. They actually look more like speedos without the speedo tag. But let me break it down:
At 1:03 the gayish diva turn.
From 1:14 to 1:21 The tongue thing. Also pause it at 1:18.
The prince hand lick at 1:29.
The repeat of the prince hand lick at 1:37 and the expression on his face. Raw emotion I tell ya!
Minute 1:41 to 1:43. Again Raw Emotion while flexing his teeny bicep. Concluded with Minute 1:50 to 1:57. The teeny brief pull down and the raw emotions. I blame their management and thier hanger ons. No one told him, "Hey I know you Straight (wink wink) but this whole thing looks mighty gay to me- No Homo"?

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

^^ROTF@ MR. You better break it down by time stamp. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!


Promiscuous X said...

I found the video hil0fuckn-larious and cute at the sametime..dude can move, but it was kinda suspect for him to call out trey songz and day26 and bow wow dont even dance lol. I was like huh, but THEM DRAWLS LMAO...I was like oh hell nawww dude lol

Militankerous said...

come come now Shawqt. you gotta not doubt your gaydar. Straight people can get away with that kind of nonchalant naivete but gay guys know better. MR's play-by-play pretty much summed up everything homosexual about the video. But not the point. I thought the video was hilarious too. I wrote about it on my blog as well. I was dying laughing because it just proved to me what many black men in "the lifestyle" know. You can never be too masculine, too sexy, or too into girls to still have homosexual tendencies. To me, the video was all the proof I needed to confirm this "suspect" as a "DL." It happens. And the main reason why is because look at the backlash that is coming from the mere suspicion that he's gay. It forces many of our gay African American stars to remain in the closet for fear that there fans won't adore them anymore. The sad part is: they're probably right.

Jasmine Armstrong said...

Just because a man dances in his underwear doesn't make him gay. I know of plenty of straight men that dance in their underwear. Women tend to find that kind of thing sexy. Especially if it is their man dancing for them. It is a turn on and it sets the mood.

A Boy Like Me said...

Well first of all, Im gay, so I thought the video was hot! Secondly, I always had a feeling that Spectacular was gay. Even from the very beginning, he was the only member of Pretty Ricky that stood out to me in "that" way. While many would argue the other members are gay, Sexy Spec (that name, lol) could have been super gay.

My friend argued to me that I just wanted him to be gay, and she may be right, but that doesn't mean what this nigga did wasn't gay. I even recorded the video and have it saved as my wallpaper in my phone, and above it reads "That Nigga Gay!", lol.

Personally, I find Spec hella sexy, and would f*c* the s#!t out of him if I ever got the chance (Im attracted to homo thugs). But that video screams gay.

First it was calling them nigga's out to a "grinding" challenge. What straight man do you know would accept a challenge like that? And what made it worst is he wanted them to watch him do it in his pink briefs. Why you need to be semi-nude to grind, especially for a group of men, 1 of which don't even dance (Bow Wow). He need to just admit that he liked all them dudes and that was his way of getting their attention.

Then he did that gay ass spin. I know straight male strippers that can't even do that. Im sorry, but you can grind and be masculine about it, and that was not it. The way his hips moved were too much like a girls and that lick thing he did didn't help, lol.

I just think instead of coming out all at once, he trying to give clues just to see how everybody reacts.

RocaFella07 said...

Child...The "spin control" from this has been a pure Ki!!


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

^^Hasn't it tho! LMAO!