Tuesday, April 07, 2009


So I'm at work and I'm reading blogs and watching youtube... LOL. And you know what, I read an article on yahoo the other day that said that being online at work HELPS productivity! I tend to agree. If I'm here, all day, on one project, my mind tends to wander, so doing other things keeps my mind moving, and steady on my task when I'm ready. Also I work faster to get something done, if I know I have to check my facebook messages! LOL.

Ok, so no more parties at my house AT LEAST until the summer time! Seems like my "Mo Parties, Mo Problems" theory is actually true! Fuzzy wanted to have his birthday party at my house since his new apartment wasn't ready yet. Mind you guys, I JUST had a huge birthday party last week, and Remarkable's party at the beginning of the month! At first I didn't think anyone was going to come, which I was fine with honestly, but then EVERYONE came! See here's the thing. Text invites go out to parties, and most of the time they bring people through, and then at times, people I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE COME! 

Now this is nothing against lesbians, but a HUGE group of Lesbians ended up at my house! I know Fuzzy don't know all those lesbians! As the night progressed, one of my friends got into an altercation (shouting match) with one of the lesbians over a miscommunication. Now I know that is was like 4 in the morning, and people had liquor in there system, so something was bound to happen. So yeah, at this point it was time for everyone to leave. I have NEVER had any problems at my parties, but I know what's going to happen next time.

INVITATION ONLY!  LOL. We had fun anyway!

So this will be my third week in FIVEblackgUys and it is going pretty well. I'm still getting use to doing videos every week. I think this is a good move for me because I get to really work my creative juices, and you never know, I may move into a career in film. Oh I never told you guys this! You know when someone ask you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I always used to tell them... "I want to be a Music Video Director!" LOL. Wow I forgot all about that! So yeah, you never know. I actually love filming and editing more then being in front of the camera... but last night I had a dream. The dream was about me turning invisible. I would touch one of my friends and he couldn't feel me or see me. So GOD said, "don't be afraid to give off your energy, because sooner or later it is going to be gone." So I closed my eyes and it looked like I was on fire, and I just bursted it everywhere and the world felt it! So if any of you dreamers feel like your AFRAID to show your talent, your intelligence or your LOVE... don't be! EXPRESS! Express until you can't anymore, because trust me that energy you leave behind will last a lifetime, but it won't if you always keep it in.

Wow that was to deep, to early in the morning! LOL.

So let me go, and I will holla at you guys later!


Mr. Jones said...

Waaait a minute. Doesn't your new beau live there, too? And he agreed to hosting a party for your ex who has a place that happens not to be ready just yet? He's sounding more and more dreamy by the minute: cute, mannerly, a nice lil donk AND he's SUPER DUPER understanding and flexible to boot! Hold on tight to that one. For real.

You're a better ex than me, Shawn. No chance I'd acquiesce to something like this.

Darius T. Williams said...

You always have the best parties!

kennyking78 said...

I am all about Mr. Jones' comment!

Even sketchier than holding a party for your ex is being in the same space as drunk lesbians at 4 in the morning! That is just a recipe for disaster and a party-ender EVERY TIME!!!!! hahaha

You are an inspiration Shawn and are definitely leaving your energy behind while making a mark on the world.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

SHAAAAAAAAAAAADE@ Mr. Jones comment! ROTF!!!!