Monday, April 20, 2009

First Weekend of Spring!

My weekend was pretty eventful. Friday I had the day off, which I was fine with. Remarkable took the day off to so we could spend some time with each other. We had breakfast, relaxed a little bit and headed off with Calvin and his friends for dinner at BBQ's in NYC.

It was pretty cool, outside the loud birthday gatherings going on! It sounded like a high school cafeteria! I'm so not sitting downstairs anymore, if I don't have to. Of course I had a Texas drink, and got tipsy off of it! Them drinks are so strong, I don't care what any of you say! And I didn't even drink the shot! When we got to the car, my stomach was noooo goood! We planned to go to the club, but all I wanted to do was sleep. And I did... in the club, lol. I really wanted to dance and enjoy myself, but hey, shit happens.

We left early, cause people had to get up early, so that was cool. Saturday I woke up and went over to Omar's house. He was making his healthy stuff that only he can eat, and I just sat and watched. Mark B. came over to see his part in the Color Purple Movie... If you guys haven't seen it, DO IT NOW! It is quite funny! I'm really excited about the feedback from it, and hope that one day it will be a youtube classic or something. Got to dream big right?

So Omar, Twin and myself went to NYC (again) to enjoy the nice 70 degree weather! We had a lot of fun. I love hanging out with Twin cause he is so funny, I swear to you he needs his own show, or something! After we left there, I was beat, but X and Twin came back over to the house to chill and have some drinks. So we just bugged out on webcam on this website called Cool place to chill and meet people, and everyone was a laugh and a half! I haven't had so much fun like that in awhile.

The bad thing about it was, we were really loud, and Remarkable had to go to work in the morning, so he couldn't sleep. He asked me to tell everyone to quiet down, and I did, but you know black folks when they having a good time! The last time he asked me I could tell he felt some kind of way, so told them to lower there voices. One of my friends said, "I wish you was single Shawn," and Remarkable heard that. Yeah he didn't feel to good about that. You know that uncomfortable feeling when you get in the bed, and you know something is wrong. Yeah I don't like that feeling at all!

Do I feel I was wrong? At first I didn't I felt like we were having a good time, we wasn't doing anything crazy but bugging out, and it wasn't even that late, I think it didn't even pass 1pm. But then I had to really think about it. As much as my friends LOVE ME, they are NOT going to help me cook, clean, or pay rent! He does. His rest was needed, to go to work, and help pay some bills.  I wish our schedules weren't so different, but in any relationship, you just have to work it out! I'm sure it will get better next time.

Sunday I usually work on my FIVEBLACKGUYS videos. Our next topic is on Romantic Relationships... how convenient! I knew I had to patch up things with Remarkable or I would have done a video that would have been a little bit to personal! LOL. We did, we cool... I apologized. The video came out great! Can't wait for you guys to see it! If you have been a firm reader of my blog, then it will be a blast from the past.

Today is Monday, and its raining like crazy! I have been having some really bad nightmares for the past couple of days... people beating me up, trying to rape me, family members passing away, its a lot! It just felt good to actually get a good nights sleep for a change! I'm at work now, and my boss says that some guy who owns a building wants to open a design/cafe up on the main street. And he wants us to either run it, or coordinate how to do it. If it goes well, then I can have a full time position there. We will see... I have to see how good or bad this place is. I do like the cafe idea though, will make my work environment more relaxing.

When I get home I'm just going to relax. Trust me, when I say "relax" that is like the best thing for me right now, cause working, and filming, and video editing, and being in the public eye, and designing takes a creative toll on you! So I need to find balance.

Ohhh yeah, I almost forgot, I pre ordered my Sidekick LX last friday! Yeah, this is what makes me happy!!!!!

Ok I won't go all into it, let me get the phone first, then I will rant and rave about it! LOL. Hope everyone had a good weekend as well as mine!


ponoono said...

hmm could anything be more gay than posing on the chelsea piers holdin ya piece?

Promiscuous X said...

Hmmm interesting lol...But saturday was too much fun. I cant wait to see the next video

kennyking78 said...

You are right. Your friends will not be there to help you pay rent or do any of the other things that Remarkable will do, but your friends do serve their own purpose.

I hate that he had to hear that off the wall comment from your friend. He should be checked for that and apologize to both of you. Is your friend in a relationship? I have a feeling he is not.

Promiscuous X said...
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Darius T. Williams said...

Such a good weekend - wonderful update!

fuzzy said...

cute phone! Hmmm what to comment on... Seeing as though I am getting back into the swing of commenting on people's blogs and you are the first one in bloglines, you're the first victim! I'm glad your weekend was almost perfect. Its great to have a good nights rest... Things will get better hopefully when it comes to the schedules. Hey, at least you have at least some guaranteed weekend time! there are weekends when I have to communicate with mine through Gtalk cause he's in some west bubba fuck country...