Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Feelin Good, Feelin Fly!

I'm pretty happy today. I got a couple of leads on a job, so we will see what happens. Even if I don't get it, at least this will be a sign that doors are opening. Just this week I got offered two design gigs for DESIGNER FOR HIRE, so I'm really happy about that! My job is picking up in work, so at least for two weeks, we will be ok. Day by Day right? 

Tonight, me and Remarkable are going out on a double date. I'm really excited about it because, I don't know, I like double dates, LOL. We are going to Red Lobster, and ya know the biscuits are the business! Maybe I should pick him up some flowers or something. Do dudes still give guys flowers? Is that acceptable in the gay community?

I have been pretty excited about the FIVEBLACKGUYS venture. My first video was well received! I just started working on the one for this Friday. It will be an Ode to Silent Movies! I think mines is hotness! Very Funny, and a little sexy! So PLEASE check it out and leave comments, if not on my blog, then on if you have an account.

A good friend of mine from Canada should be coming up this week... HEY SOLIDER! I love my big love muffin. LOL. He is so French, I love it. Fuzzy's birthday is this Thursday. Our friendship is interesting now. I can't believe I'm being honest about this, but might as well let it out into the universe. Ok like, I had this big huge "anger" towards him, and at some point I let it go. I guess I just came into terms with what happen and GOD put me in a better place. So I honor that. What is weird now is lowering the connection with someone that you had the highest connection with. It went from Hugs and Kisses to pounds and handshakes, LOL. Someone asked me how did I feel about him and his new boyfriend. I am totally cool with it. I want him to be able to grow within a relationship, rather then do, errr.... otherwise? So yeah. The guy is cool. I am still warming up to him, but I'm friendly nonetheless. I guess me and Fuzzy's friendship will end up being more natural sooner or later. But I will always be there for him if he is having persona or family issues because I been there to help him through it before. I want him to be a better person, and I guess no matter if your in a new relationship or not, a part of that love is still there to make sure that they will be ok. So Happy Birthday Fuzz, lol.

Alright Dreamers, I'll Holla!


WhozHe said...

Good luck with the job.

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm loving ur life right now. I don't know if you realize it or not - but you're really in a good place and I can see lights shining brightly on you sir! for real!

Joey Bahamas said...

This is all good news Shawn. I'm learning from you and Fuzz...I guess I have to wait until my relationship with SB becomes more natural now that we're not together! I'm just so happy for you!!!


Pharaoh said...

I'm happy to hear that you know how the "birds in the sky" feel cuz you are feelin' good!

However, I have to say that I hate being out the loop! I know I'm still a little new to the blogger's world, but I had no clue that you and Fuzzy were together at one point! I'm like "Stop the press!"
What other secrets Yall hiding from a brotha? Honest Abe was your great grandpapi? Gayte's Queen Elizabeth's illegitimate lust child? Jerzey_reality had an explicit affair with Donald Trump?

LMAO! I told someone today that I suffer from forgetalotofshyt mycosis - it's a terrible disease! - so something may have been said and I just wasn't aware. But I was suprised by the info all the same.

Glad you are feeling and looking good though sir.

nvncyble said...

SO you know it looked like when things were going bad they were going bad for everyone. However, It seems as though things are looking up for people. I read this and I am so excied for you and i think well damn i have somegood things going on as well. hmm seems like us being friends came at such a great time for the both os us! COngrats and you are right Day by day my friend. Eyjoy your double date.

Promiscuous X said...

My boy is sooooo fly....How flyyyyy is he? He can (silly moment)

As always I got ya back, and wish you nothing but best in everything you do.

kennyking78 said...

That's right Shawn! Keep moving forward with EVERYTHING. We can only take things one day at a time, right?