Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Everyday I feel like I go back and forth into duality. From Clark Kent to Superman. From Beyonce to Sasha Fierce, LOL... in my mind, my duality is dueling it out! My life can be so boring, yet so interesting, How is that possible! At times I sit in the house watching 90210 cutting my toe nails, to going out to NYC and people recognizing me from my blog or videos. It's crazy!

People have stopped commenting on my blog, yet I have more subscribers and more people coming here. What's up with that! LOL! I think people see me more as "entertainment" vs someone they can vibe with on a personal level. Either way, I'm still me, and I need this blog! I need a place in the world where I can feel free to express anything that is going on in my head! I'm very much still Shawn without the QT. Just Shawn.

I feel blessed to be where I am. The economy is picking up. I have some great freelance jobs coming in, thanks to me advertising on my blog! If you still need design, HIT ME UP! LOL. I still am looking for another full time job and I hope that happens, cause a brother needs stability!  My relationship is great, we just had an anniversary a couple of days ago. Living with him has overall been a great experience. Of course you have your things here and there, but nothing a good conversation won't fix. I am back in the gym, and my chest is popping! LOL. I have slimmed down some, and now just working on toning everything back up. I went to play tennis with my boy Calvin the other day... man! Talk about sweat! I suck by the way! But I do want to try again.

I need to allow myself to be open to new experiences and new people. I need some new energy in my life. I need something exciting, if that makes sense. I think the past couple of days I have allowed people to spill there negativity on me. It's not a good look. The summer time usually the best time for excitement, so I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait until my  new phone comes in... I will be able to keep in contact with people more often and document stuff better. That's the thing I love about blogs... it helps you really see how great a life you have! Even the boring moments has its potential, LOL.

Do you guys feel that you have a
 Duality in your life?


Dennis said...

Duality exemplifies my personal and professional lives so I feel you. It's like wearing a mask.

kennyking78 said...

I think we all do to a certain extent. I try to remain as consistent as possible, but I do believe that it is respectful to carry on in a certain manner in certain situations.

Umm, I wouldn't worry too much about the reduction in comments. I have noticed it on my blog as well. I think we are moving into a time when people don't have the attention span they once had. People are all about Twitter and being "followed", not really making connections anymore. Keep your blog up... it is your life and you should document it.

ponoono said...

IS dual;ity like dating both your best friends Dad and sister ????

RocaFella07 said...

I like my duality comes into play afer a few cocktails...sometimes.

But, there are two sides to me...One side likes to be "chill" and mellow. And, the Other craves excitment & danger & drama.



BuddahDesmond said...

There's definitely a duality for me. The way I conduct myself during work hours vs. nights and weekends is totally different. So much so that you might think I'm two totally different people rolled into one (or just downright crazy...lol). I have no boundaries when I'm on my time. I like to live it up, say and do crazy s*&^, and have a great time. And the work place (along with other professional environments) just will not allow for me to act like that. It would not be acceptable. I'd probably be sent home early every day....lol. But like kennyking78 said, this duality exists because our conduct changes depending upon the situation.