Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Recess isn't Fun!

I don't like Recessions. It just isn't a good feeling at all. The reason why I haven't blogged in awhile is because every time I want to write it is about two things. My new found "love" or my new found "debt"! 

It's not that I don't want to write about "him," I guess I just want this moment to ourselves for awhile. Ya can understand that right? There isn't much else going on in my life, besides avoiding bills and trying to make more money.

Christmas was good, which is just a reminder of how much I spent. New Years wasn't bad. I have to wait for Twin to give me the photos so I can post that. I haven't been doing any creative side projects. Even though I did start work on my online art portfolio.

Everyone is fine, Family fine, Friends Fine, Dog Fine. Is my life boring! Gosh I can't take it! I think Im going to have to find something to TALK about QUICK! 

Don't worry the School Bell has Rung, and CLASS WILL BE BACK IN SESSION!


deonte' k said...

Man I feel u for real. Things will turn around hopefully very soon. Until then, keep ya head up, and enjoy all the good ur surrounded by now. ;)

Q said...

I was gonna ask you if I could borrow 20 bucks until my check came...DAMN!

fuzzy said...

you and your play on words! It seems to be that I am out of the loop. i have missed a few details in the few posts i've missed.

congrats on your new love and your ring that you finally have! everything will work out with work, i know it will. like I said I have ya back if you ever need it. just ask!

kennyking78 said...

Take your time with the posts... enjoy who/what you have in front of you right now!

Don't worry, you will navigate through this "recession" just like the rest of us... some of us will be hit harder than others, but none of us will make it through unscathed.