Monday, May 12, 2008

Thoughts: who are you?

Ok, so there is a new blogger on the scene called, Thoughts ( He has a really cool and interesting blog. He has commented on a couple of my friend's blogs but no one really knows who he is. He lives in the same city as me, knows my friends, and get this... has even been in my house! 

Now all my friends have been trying to solve this blogger mystery. But this is what makes it interesting, everybody thinks it is ME! Now come on, why would I want to create a totally different blog just to mess with you guys? I mean really!

So I am asking, just so that my name is cleared: 



Mr. Jones said...

What's up with the recent rash of bloggers anonymously posting as other bloggers?

The Pew View said...

Child, sounds a bit dangerous to me. If I were you, I'd watch my back. See back in my day, we didn't play this. I remembers this young tramp thought she could pretend to be somebody else and try to take LB from me. Well, she shole did have another thang coming to her. One day she went shoe shopping, she tried on some shoes, next thang you know, she never was found. The way I sees it is like this, you gotta be careful where you step cause sometimes it may just be your last.

If you need a little help, just let me know. I still got a few tricks up my sleeve. Gangsta, that's what they calls me.

With Love,
Mrs. Mabel

Jay said...

I like the mystery of it all, I don't think I want him to reveal himself. His blog tends to be vague so its only natural that we don't know who he is.

Thoughts said...
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Thoughts said...

Well, well, well. So the mystery of it all is killing people. But honestly, I created this blog for it to be a place of refuge where no one will have to know who I am. I am not out to harm anyone, scare anyone or any of that sort. I just decided to share some of my feelings...maybe one day I will reveal myself. Fitted you have nothing to worry about.

LOL @ Mr. Jones. This is my one and only blog. I write too much to have more than one.

Pew View...LOL. know you are my first blog you know i have that love 4 u...but you cant know who I am either....sorry.

Fitted, thanks for the shout out link to my blog.

ShawnQt said...

I can understand having a sense of privacy. I do feel kinda weird that I know of you, but don't know you, but it is what it is.

In any case, please let these people know that I am not you! LOL

Bullet Proof Soul said...

Aiight which one of you motherfathers are bipolar? LOL!! Someone knows something. LMAO!!

Just jokes but I can see how people would think it's you Shawn.

Wonder Man said...

That's interesting. If he's been in your house, meeting him may not be a bad idea

fuzzy said...

Mr. Jones, there is a freakin epidemic that is floating around and I can't take it!!!

Not only was he at the house, it was my birthday party and I may have invited him! I honestly would like to know, but i wouldn't be hurt if I never found out. He has a cool blog, I am a fan and its OTAY WIT ME!

Mr. Jones said...

^^I know, right.