Thursday, May 01, 2008

{in} my mind

No one sees what I see.

my mind is like a bjork video
mixed with beyonces
and super heroes
Filled with colors and noises
so majestic, as if the lord has returned

I see trees in purple & green.

my mind is like a daft punk video
mixed with India Aries
and family guy stewies
Filled with burst of lights and sounds
so spiritual, like looking in the eyes of GOD

why do I see these things?
That is bullshit question.

The real question is
why can't you see it
through me...


All the things that I dream
and imagine for me
will never be
because I suffer from 3 things

"lack of motivation,
dedication & confidence"

Never have these words burdened me so
that they would kick me off Cloud 9 
so fast that the only thing I can type is 


It is like being kicked out of heaven.

If you can see what I feel,
It would look like 
Ms. Sophie rotting in that jail
rotting in that jail
all my life I had to fight

I had to fight my insecurities
I had to fight my doubts
but never did I think I would have to
fight in my own damn house!

You should see my apt, its a mess.
A reflection of my mind realized.

Maybe I'm depressed?
Or distressed?
I digress...

Ever knew how to solve your problems,
and you just don't listen to them.

this shit is for the pigs
and I am so much kosher then this...


Promiscuous X said...

Well okay for the Kosher and pigs yeah cuz pork is not kosher (ewl). lol

The reason why ya house probaly messy is because you run straight to that dam PS3 wen you walk threw the door lol.

I like this lil excerpt of your thoughts.

If im missing something from this post that I didnt get out of it. Text/ Call me nigga.

I'm leaving work now

fuzzy said...

I wanted to be the first to comment! Shoot, I read too damn slow...

Baby I hope I was able to cheer you up today!

WhozHe said...

Oh no!! Not like a bjork video, those things are truly confusing.

I hope you listen to your answers and follow through.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

Umm Shawn....I'm going to get you a prescription of something (smile), your choice.

My grandmother used to say, "clean your house, son". It could be literally or figuratively. Here is another saying, "don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff".

Hope you feel better.

Jay said...

baby you need to get a bottle of karen's (from will and grace) pills and take a

Trent Jackson said...

the beauty in this post is amazing.
Admission of faults and self-hindrance is the first step in making positive changes...

E said...

You truly have a diverse that aspect you remind me of Rock. He'll listen to 50-cent one track and the next he'll play Leanne Rhymes.

Omar Ramon said...

peace, dreamer