Monday, February 25, 2008

Life Goes On...

I can't believe I am nervous. Doing "the vide{o} experience" has really pushed me on the "dedication" level. I want to create a good product of artistic work, and since I am new at this, I am bound to make mistakes. I look at it this way, thi
s is just a documentation of me getting better at what I love to do. Dance is so cool to me, I just love it, so we shall see what happens. Any support from anyone is always appreciated, because I know negative comments may come my way.

Most of my days have been very simple. The days of everyone coming over to my house to have huge parties & get togethers have ended. I sit back and wonder why? What I have come to realize is that everyone is really not as close to everyone as I at least would have hoped. Things like that just happens. With friends leaving, feelings hurt, cars breaking down, lack of funds... life is really moving on. Does that mean all bonds have been broken? Nah.  I have immense love and respect for everyone.

I know that me and Fuzzy have had a lot more time to really enjoy each other. I will admit, it feels good for me and him to just lay in the bed and just relax and not worry about who is coming over, is the house clean, do I have enough juice in the house, and all those other things that being a "host" entails. 

I wanted to do a big party for my birthday, but I'm not. Actually I might not do anything at all. Isn't that the first sign of getting old? LOL.  Mr. Gregory is doing this huge bash that I can't wait to attend! He deserves it. Fuzzy is "still" trying to plan his big huge party or weekend getaway. I personally would rather it be intimate then have a whole bunch of people, but hey it is his birthday. Our birthdays are exactly a week apart, I don't know why we can't do something together? Do we have to much pride for that? LOL

Work has been good for the most part. We have been working on a lot of major projects, but we could always need more work. Everything is such a transition here, so I just go with the flow. As long as I keep getting paid, I'm good. My boss's cousin who speaks mostly spanish is working here now. She knows some english, and she is
 pretty cool. I will admit it is hard dealing with the language barrier at work. From my coworkers to clients, spanish just sounds so confusing to me at times! I think I started tuning them out now, lol.

I finally got my PS3! Me & Reggie walked to Walmart to get it. What was upsetting was they didn't have anymore. The day I really wanted it, they don't have anymore. No worries, we just walked to Sears and got it from there... and the game I wanted was on sale! There were two Spanish boys that rung up my order. Me and Reggie found them both sexy... sure we are both married, but there is nothing wrong with looking at cute straight boys. I can't wait to get home and play. 

It's big, black and shiny, just the the head of my... anyway. I haven't invested in the hdtv yet, but in the new coming months I will have one. You guys know how long I been wanting this, so it is a blessing to finally have it. If anyone has a ps3, shout me a holla, maybe we can play online together!

Well tomorrow is the day, wish me luck and enjoy!  JANET's album comes out tomorrow as well, so most def have to pick that up!


// ShawnQt //


Quaheem said...

congrats on the PS3...I have an XBOX 360 (MUCH BETTER!!!)

and you should do a party....why not?? is a party!

ponoono said...

maybe u should ask Homeland Security to run that border fence through the middle of your office at work ??


Bullet Proof Soul said...

If you don't make mistakes then you never learn, grow, and get better. Just go for it.

You are right, life will go on regardless.

Darius T. Williams said...

Loved the update - and yes, congrats on the PS3.

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting to see you mention the ups and downs of friendships. It is nice to have your close friends hangout, spend the night, have dinners, play games, just enjoy the company of your friends. However, at times friends can become far removed, very distant by some means of whatever issue that comes about. This is where true friends and their loyalty and love is tested.

I could never understand how people say they are your friend, live in the same city and don't call, come by and visit or even send a text to you. But when you see them in the streets or the club, they're acting like your best buddy. Chicago have many folks like that. Just piss me off... Nice post by the way.