Thursday, February 28, 2008

dignity & respect

I actually got emotional when I saw this ad. 
Can he really bring Change for us ALL?


Jay said... will take more than one man, one generation and one promise before change will happen

Bullet Proof Soul said...

Sometimes it seems as though he is speaking in cryptic messages.

I agree with jay. Unless he has some magic beans and spirit water in his possession, it's gonna take a generation to raise this child.

Anonymous said...

What change is it that we're seeking?

ShawnQt said...

As I read the comments and thought about it more... things ARE changing right here, right now I think that Obama is just stepping into that spotlight and acknowleding it. Not only that but pushing it forward.

Of course Change can be given to any of the presidential canidates, it all depends on which direction.

Since the post is about "Gay Rights" I do feel that there is more to be done and it won't happen this year, in 4 years, or in my lifetime... but then again, a lot of things can happen, and it may be here sooner then we think.

"Sooner Then We Think", I like that.

Anonymous said... what exactly needs to be changed and why?