Thursday, February 21, 2008



Seems that every time I go into Ikea, I can never come out of there without something new! I spent WAY past my budget. I was only going in there to help my mother pick out some things for her new living room. I got this wonderful blanket cover that turns my regular ol' bed set into something totally new & exciting, and just for 20 bucks! Sure 20 bucks is noting, until you buy other things like pillows, bowls, place mats, bulbs, etc. I spent more money then my mother did!

But it was worth it! I totally cleaned my room, and me and Fuzzy laid in my new bed all cuddled up and toasty. There is nothing like a new bed to turn you on! I guess a naked man rubbing up against you kinda helps to. When I woke up, I surely didn't want to get out of bed. 

It is 20 degrees outside, and the news is talking about it's going to snow tommorrow! I don't see this! I so want to just stay in my comfy bed and do nothing! Nothing I tell you, Nothing! But I have to make that money to pay for the bed I just invested in, lol.
So here I am, at work. bedless.
Hopefully tonight, I can get some of Fuzzy's Futon time! My Second pastime.


Promiscuous X said...

A mess lol. LMAO to futon time lol dam bear lol. The same way you feel about a bed is the same way i feel wen i put on a new pair of H & M boxers it just makes you feel so sexy lol. (Maybe just me lol)

Oh that bed is fire. I cant wait to get my place. Mark my words I will have that exact bed (or something a lil more masculine.)

Darius T. Williams said...

I do the same thing when I go to wal-mart - the same exact thing.

ShawnQt said...

H&M underwear do it to me to now!
NOTE: You will NOT have that bed, lol.

Fuzzy is the same way, and me to, but I have will power! I will stay in there forever though.

Jersey Brotha said...

Nothin like a nice dick bed to get some dick on, huh Shawn? LOL

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

if i ever walked in and saw that bed in someones house i would turn around and walk out and never speak to them again

Kensilo said...

You are a mess Shawn... " Not Fuzzy Futon Time" LOL!!

The money was WELL spent.

Omar Ramon said...

that bed is unacceptable

ponoono said...

how do you keep your guests from attempting to impale themselves on the bed posts??


Anonymous said...

Always invest in your private place of rest. That is not the place to be cheap because that is the one place you spend most of the time resting and rejuvinating yourself while fighting and taking over the world each day you wake up.

fuzzy said...

d.t.w., I say nothing when it comes to Wal-Mart! NOTHING!!! I did feel so good in the bed, I didn't wanna get out either! Especially with a warm sexy Shawn in the bed with you!!! Ahhh :-)

ShawnQt said...

@ Jersey
That bed is a hot azz mess! And I won't the world to see it and burn it!

@ C. Bap

@ Ken
Futon Time is the best time if u ask me!

@ Omar
Indeed! I can't get over it..

@ pono
If u think I would have that bed in my house! lol

@ captain
I couldn't have said it better!

@ Fuzz
Ready for Round 564?