Friday, December 07, 2007

missin you :: the video

Missin You Video Interview:

So what made you perform Trey Songz?
I love Trey Songz! His music to me is so real. Very melodic and he has amazing lyrics. His voice has a lot of soul in it, not to mention he is very sexy! Actually, he is an artist as well, and I own one of his sketchbooks that came with the album. I have to support people who are artist like myself.

What made you pick the "Missin You" song?
After I broke up with my boyfriend, I would listen to a lot of songs to get through it. When I heard this song off his album it felt like "I" was singing it. Every single word in that song I felt. I was really missing him. There is a lot of frustration conveyed in the song that I felt as well. Even though it is an upbeat song I felt emotional performing it. This has to be the most personal performance I have done so far.

How did you come up with the concept for the video?
The song has this whole robotic voice throughout the song. The beat is very futuristic so I wanted to play on that. I listen to the song on my ipod all the time. Then I was thinking? What would happen if my ipod came to life and took over my body and just released all these emotions of the song through me? What would it look like? How would I dance? What would the words look like? How would I sing the song? I hope that came across to everybody...

How long did it take you to do the video?
It usually takes me weeks to remember the lyrics to the song. An hour to film the video. And around 8 hours to edit it. Actually this is the second edit version of the song. At first I wasn't feeling it, I left it alone for like 2 weeks, and came back and made it happen! Even though I am being silly in these videos, I still want to have a certain level of quality to it. Video Editing is my new hobby now! Doing these videos are like a dream come true for me.

What is up with the "Umbrella Dances" in the video?
LOL. I don't know! I know I am not the best dancer, so I try and dance and make it humurous as well. It is all about entertaining. I saw it on the floor, and ran with it. Besides, seems like umbrellas have its own meaning now, so I think it goes with the song. I'm missing you baby, so come under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh, LOL!

If you have any questions or comments about the video, let me know!


ponoono said...

the umbrella thing was cute.. you ARE the hip-hop Mary Poppins :)

seriously.. it was a great video ! well performed and edited. real skillz.

and for skinny ass trey songz.. well u are obviously cuter.

fuzzy said...

lol at the hip uop mary poppins!

I like the beat, the look is cool, I feel the lyrics, and understand the emotion. I think Its time I made a video...

mountii said...

You got guts...i'll give u that

mountii said...

i don't know what else but i'll give u that at least

Anonymous said...


Promiscuous X said...

Shawn is just so talented. HERCULES, HERCULES, HERCULES... SHAWN SHAWN SHAWN. (Nutty Professor for those of you that are lost lmao)

ww4p ( said...

I gotta say.... I ain't mad. NOT AT ALL.