Thursday, October 04, 2007

{re}union: was thinking

As I was deleting people out of my friends list on myspace, I came across a couple of profiles from people I went to high school with. It has been so long since I have seen any of them. So I decided to search some more of my classmates online. I came across my ex girlfriend, who is now married to another guy she used to be in love with, and they now have kids and moving to Japan. Then I cam across someone else who is married with kids, and another one who is married with kids., and then.. well you get the picture. I started realizing... have I really taken advantage of everything my life had to offer? On top of that, my 10 year class reunion is next year! Should I go? Am I established enough? What if someone asks about my sexuality? All these thoughts started going through my head, and got me thinking...

I was looking at one of the picture frames I have in my living room which highlighted photos of me back in high school. So I decided to blog about the photos to process these past high school memories.