Tuesday, July 10, 2007

on my mind

I lied to save my job today, and I hopefully my boss doesn't find out... even though I didn't even do anything wrong. Why does reconstructing my new floor have to be a Hazard Zone? I don't want Cancer. Why does scandelous photos of me and Fuzz in a Jacuzzi turn me on? Why am I such a freak? Am I wrong for wanting to spend my extra money on a PS3 when I haven't even put any work in my car? Why does everyone think I was singing to my sidekick, I was being deep and meaningful dammit!

I'll post the photos from the beach later on tonight...


Soldier said...

compare the benefits you're getting from the car vs the ps3

how much driving do you have to do ?
what is a ps3 bringin to ur life ?

mr said...

Uhh- Ps3 just dropped 100 dollars. PS3 is bringing Blue Ray goodness to your life.