Tuesday, July 24, 2007

soundtrack :: beautiful disaster

"He drowns in his dreams
An exquisite extreme, I know
He's as damned as he seems
And more heaven than a heart could hold
If I tried to save him
My whole world could cave in
It just ain't right, it just ain't right"

This song is orginally sung by Kelly Clarkson. The concept of the song is about having a strong connection to someone who is so amazing, so incredible, so beautiful... yet they allow themselves to become caught up in negativity, hurt & pain, leading to a disaster. So the singer questions if they should save them or take on the risk of falling with them?

Omar has felt this way about one of his friends, and we both are praying for him.

Earlier today we were having a conversation about our friendship. It amazes me how maintaining friendships takes just as much energy as a romantic relationship. Yet a true friendship just come natural. I met Omar at another friends house. It was a sleepover. He was laying on the bed, with his legs up against the wall. Great way to meet somebody, legs up, lol. At the end of the night, we wasn't allowed to sleep in my friends bed, because he's an azz, so me and Omar had to sleep on the cold azz floor. So we snuggled to keep each other warm, lol. Then started our friendship! He's My Omar! I'm honored to be his bestfriend. He understands me. He is silly with me. He is intelligent with me. He is like family, and I love him. I always want the best for him, and will always be there to make sure that others see him as the gift he is. His singing always is amazing, and he is so creative. What else can you ask for in a friend!

I had to write something meaningful because he is going to kill me when he sees this video up, lol.


JayBee said...

He'll know soon!

ponoono said...

no shame here.. that boy can SING !!

and he comes off much cuter than he does in pictures

Omar.. this publicity is all good !

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm shocked he let you video that...or that he even took the video. I've been following him and I know how he's felt about singing...so, this is interesting. Um, yea - he has some great runs going on.

Andre J. Allen II said...

beautiful voice! just amazing and a fresh of new air. Clive Davis where you at!

kennyking78 said...

Omar, YOU BETTA WORK!!!!!!

4 Things

1. I am happy that the two of you have been able to maintain such a wonderful relationship. I have been reading your blog for a little over a year now and I have seen what you have shown of your relationship with him and it is solid.

2. Thanks for letting me know what that song was about. I have liked it for years, but could never really understand the full meaning of it, because Kelly Clarkson's original version does nothing for the lyrics.

3. Kelly who? Omar sang the mess out of that song. His reading of it finally told the story that the lyrics were begging for.

4. Umm, I loved the whole mirror thing and the choreography! Omar was giving us THEATRE!!!! The mirror effect was reminiscent of those pics we used to have to take as children, you know the ones where we looked at the camera, but there was also a faint picture of us looking away into the distance in the same frame? hahaha!

Really, that was the bomb. Shawn, you say that you are friends, but the true test of your friendship will be if Omar lets you live after putting him out like that! haha! He should have nothing to be embarassed about though. That was FIRE!

Omar Ramon said...

ay I don't hate you and i won't kill you. I thank you for believing in me that much. I am so critical of myself I doubt I would ever like one of my videos enough to put in the public eye.

Thanks to everybody for the compliments...for real.

Thanks Shawn.

*Madosi said...

YOU BETTA SANG BOI ... so I have heard that he can sing, but never got the chance to see for myself. Thanks for that! True friendship is important in this world ... so cherish it!

Kensilo said...

You better sing O! Best friends are truly a treasure.

Greg said...

I LOVE this song, especially after Kelly Clarkson remade it for her second album (it was originally on her first). And like kennyking78, I never really knew what the song was about. Yeeeeeeeeeees Omar!!!!! Yall have a wonderful friendship. I'm glad to know both of yall.

Trent Jackson said...

with my first million dollars, Omar will get his own record label