Friday, May 25, 2007

photography :: my muses

I love photography.
The ability to capture a moment
and make it art always amazes me.

Here are my friends as my muses...

"WATERBOY" Model: Omar
"I love the contrast of the bottled water with the New York Bay"

"Subway Sidenap" Model: Greg
"The light on his face really feels like his nap is peaceful."

"Fish Special" Model: Shemar
"Shemar is a special diva... and I love the spotlight!"

"Out of Black" Model: Calvin
"I love this photo because he has never looks so powerful."

"Contemplating Tuesday" Model: Fuzzy
"The lighting is amazing, and it really captures his personality."


Kensilo said...

The pixs came out nice and I see you viewpoint on all of them.

Does Omar wears his hat like that all the time? If so,How can he see wheres he's going? LOL!!! He's pix to me is the best out of all of them.
Keep doing your thing!!!

Take care man!

Jay said...

That's a good question, how does O see with his hat like that? I think Cals pic is the best

Soldier said...

will u take my wedding pic ?

Fuzzy will be doing the cake ! lol

u cant say no now that i said Fuzzy huh ?
i know, i know... its the magic word lol

queer kid of color said...

Your friend Calvin is a meany; he doesnt want add me to his myspace.

Omar is hot.

I need to fan myself.

Anonymous said...

The pics are very nice. Very creative

Trent Jackson said...

i want shemars hair.
even if I have to buy it

Gary said...

This makes me wanna put up the picks of Baltimore City

Omar Ramon said...

No, guys I don't wear my hat that way all the time. I just like posing for the camera. i usually wear it cocked low and off to the left side a bit. *smile*

Fly pix. When I shed a few pounds we'll do a photo shoot! Give me like a month.

ponoono said...

Send that Shemar my way.. I'm gonna make an honest woman outta her. FUzzy has so far failed to convey my proposal !

ReddMann said...

nice pics man

kennyking78 said...

I have a love for photography as well.

What I like about you is that you are truly an artist and a lover of the arts. It eminates (spelling?) from you... even through the web.

The one of Fuzzy is my favorite... also, the backdrop behind Omar is the bizness. Good eye Shawn.

Darian said...


I love this post. You amaze me at how you can take a simple idea and turn it into something exciting to watch. I'm jealous I didn't think of it first. Love your blog!

fuzzy said...

What part of my personality? Hmmm idk if i agree with the lighting. the whole picture has me confused! I was only in deep thought about whati wanted to eat! So many choices lol...

Mr. Jones said...

Nice pics. Good post. I'll be back for more.