Wednesday, January 03, 2007

getting some things off my chest

* While I know that people have other engagements, I was kinda upset that some people I really admired didn't show up to my Christmas Party, and then didn't even tell me! Telling Fuzzy is not the same thing!

* Why can't TJ (my dog) just pee on the pad! Is it really that hard? Stop missing you Bitch Pee-er!

* I don't like when Fuzzy leaves food or drinks out, and then falls asleep before putting it away. I just have to accept it, and put it away for him... but don't think I won't have an attitude while doing it!

* Why in the hell did they make the PS3 so damn expensive, How many streets I got to hustle on to get one?

* My Boss is a Jehovah Witness, and I'm glad he is, but does he have to convert me every other day! Then tell me that I shouldn't be gay, and I would make a great hetrosexual. I can see it now, boning every woman I see, while shooting a gun in the air, I mean that's what you did right?

* Beyonce I love you, but just stop it! Can I get a B-Break!


Ladynay said...

Fuzzy leaving food out and your attitude putting it up...awwww so domesticated yall are! LOL

You gonna have to dance on many a corna' to get a PS3 right bout now!

Yeah, make sure you send the memo out when you convert and be that great hetrosexual okay! I know of 2 chicks that would tear you apart! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

ReddMann said...

umm the boss things sounds like sexual harrassment to me... if you get a good enough case you can get your PS3 and my 335i.

ShawnQt said...


ShawnQt said...


Barney said...

I was raised a JW..
finally left that cult when I was old enough to make my own decisions...

Dont listen to him/her..
it's your life.. your beliefs are between you and God.. no-one else!!!

Happy New Year to you and Fuzzy!!!

Valentino said...

Someone said the same thing to me..." you would be a good heterosexual" What kinda bullshit is that to say anyway? I agree with you about Beyonce...take a break please... BTW: Is that a new haircut? Love the glasses !!

ShawnQt said...

@ Barney
Thanks Barney! The thing is, I understand that my job is family oriented, and he looks at me like a son. But sometimes, I just want to come here and do my JOB! It's not like I can state my beliefs to him, so he can think I'm so kind of demon and fire me! So I just have to remain quit and take it! Paying him no mind is my best strategy thus far. Happy New Year to you!

@ Valentino
It's a Mohawk! I wanted to put the picture up since I'm about to go into legal warfare today!

Ladynay said...

They're 2 white girls and you already know of one of them! Don't know how you wanna interpret that! :-P

ShawnQt said...

Ummm Ladynay, isn't she married? She is cute though!

Omar Ramon said...

yes my family is greedy ...and y'all homos shoulda been on time!.

It was great to see you so happy and satisfied with your holiday. I'm glad it all went down well.

Lyrically speaking said...

This post is hilarious, lol, I see what I've been missing.

Yes, we do need a B-break but she upgraded and wants to show us what she got, lol

As for Fuzzy peeing, hmmmmm, well that would annoy the hell out of me too

Happy New Year!!

Ladynay said...

Sure she is married and you have a man, don't mean she can't think your hot! LOL

You'd probably attract really fly women. *wink*

Marz said...

SHADE!!!!!! Yes, the first one is About me. Maybe not specifically, but gyea. SORRY. Teardrop, Kisses, renewing Kool aid points.

I can't stand those people who are hellbent about leaving drinks out. (Cuz I do it sometimes.) my mother will wake me up like four in the morning. "You left a wrapper from a Hershey's kiss downstairs, GO GET IT".

You'd make a great heterosexual. KI

Ask him what makes a bad one? (LOL)