Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Reclaiming my name

I first want to thank everyone for their prayers, it means a lot to me.

I am ok as of right now, but my legal troubles are not over yet... but let me start from the beginning. As some of you may know, my Boss had offered me a car. It is a 1990 Toyota 4runner, with a new transmission, and only needs minor repairs. Later on down the line, I can even get new interior! This was truly a blessing. I called up the insurance company, and it was pretty reasonable. It would cut my expenses a little, but I felt that I had to move forward sooner or later. If it didn't work out, I could always just go back to taken the bus. So a couple of days later, I was riding in my new car!

Two weeks passed, and I get a call from my insurance company. They are telling me that my policy is going to be cancelled in the next 15 days. Why? "Seems that your license is suspended." Suspended? I just started driving two weeks ago! I have had my drivers license for only 3 years, and I have NEVER been pulled over by the police. NEVER! Seems like I had to get to the bottom of this. So I call Motor Vehicle, and they tell me I have unpaid tickets in my hometown. So I call the local Court House, and they tell me that I have 4 tickets, and 2 dating back 2 years ago! Not only that, but there is a warrant for my arrest!

What kind of Hell is this?

My day was shot since then. As soon as I get a new car, I can't even enjoy it. Sigh. So early the next morning I head to the court office to post bail, and get a trial date, because I'll be damned if I am going to pay 500 dollars of tickets I never got, AND GO TO JAIL! As I receive my papers on the details of what is going on, I find out that I was speeding, made a wrong turn, didn't have my seat belt on, and I didn't show a driver's license. Didn't show a driver's license? Shouldn't you go to jail for that? Then it hit me. Somebody must have been using my name to get out of paying for these tickets, but how? I knew I lost my wallet awhile ago (so I thought...), so maybe that got my information from then.

Then I looked at what car the tickets were issued under. Seems like it was under my mother's car! Now it couldn't be my mother, because she's a female, so that only leaves one person left... My Stepfather! He has stolen from me (in many ways) for the past 4 or 5 years. It was the reason why I moved out of my mother's house! Why in the hell is he doing this again!

So a couple of days later, I go to court. Let me tell you, court is not fun! It's crowded and long! I was so nervous. So I get up in front of the judge, and he tells me the charges. "I'm not guilty." He then looks at me, and tells me that I will need another trial and that I can bring any paperwork, evidence, and witnesses that can prove my case. Great, another two weeks to wait until this ordeal is over! On top of that, I can't press charges, because I can't prove that it is him. I need evidence. The only thing I can do is file a criminal complaint, and then bring him to trial (if he even goes). This is too much!

My second trial is in a couple of weeks. My main focus is to clear my name, and then I can persue putting my stepfather behind bars. Of course, this is very difficult for me to do, it being my mother's husband, but I can't put up with it any longer!

I'm praying a lot. Mostly for strength. It sucks that I have to go through all this, and its not even my fault. I'm losing money by taking off days at work, and it is very emotionally draining. But I am a part of God's legacy, and no one can take away who I am with GOD. So I'm here to reclaim my name and put it up to the most high, where it can't be touched!

Once again, thanks for the prayers, and I'll be posting more, outside of all this mess.
Life still goes on...

// ShawnQt //


Queer Kid Of Color said...

Damn! Your life sucks!

Kat said...

Is that all??? I thought you got sent up the road or something!

No, just kidding! Sorry to hear that you're gonna be tied up in the court system for awhile!! I'll be praying that everything works out fine!

Who needs enemies when you've got family!!

Rocka said...

Damn, that really sucks... So I guess there was a lot of Christmas tension this year... Here's to you getting past this in the new year...

And FYI, I am loving your blogs color scheme.

antneya said...

WOW!!!...I just hope it works out for you Shawn...just try to think positive.

Enigmatic1 said...

Wassup papi? I hope everything works out for you!

If you weren't @ the supposed places where the tickets were issued and you bring some kind of paperwork proving that you weren't even in that town/city, I think you'll be alright!

Just know this, whoever did this to you may have gotten away for it for now, but after you are done with these hearings...God (in the form of Karma) will get them.

I wish you an even better and more prosperous new year either way!

ShawnQt said...

@ Queer
Hey! Want to trade?

@ Kat
If I would have got pulled over, I would have! Thanks for the support Kat, it means a lot!

@ Rocka
Actually my stepfather was NOT there, thanks goodness! His son was though. Either way, if he was there, I wouldn't be!

Thanks for the compliment on the color scheme, I kinda like myself!

@ Antneya
I have to think Positive, or I'll die from stress! So lollipops and rainbows are twinkling through my head! :)

@ enigmatic1
I'm trying to see if the tickets were during the time I was at work, then I can get a letter from my boss. Will be working on that soon.

Karma better get a head start before I get to him!

2006 wasn't bad, until now, so hopefully 2007 will be better!

Barney said...

Identity theft..
one of the harder crimes to prove...

Best of luck.. and I hope all goes well!!!

my thoughts and prayers are with you!!

terpFAN said...

with your creativity i'm sure you'll find a way to resolve this mess

work on establishing a credible alibi

also the cop(s) who wrote the ticket(s) maybe able to ID your mother's husband as the driver ... infact the cop should attend the court hearing (at least that's what they do in VA)

Playboy Adonis said...

Shawn, there's only one thing to do. They call it a 4Runner for a reason...use it 4 running his ass over with...

Its better that you are going through this and not me...I can't take anymore right now. But look at the brighter day in the future, it will all be a thing of the past.

I hate court and that's why I don't fukk around with the police any more. The police usually ask for social security number and pull up your image in their computer if you don't show a license. Contact the police records unit and see if the cop ran an identity/persons lookup to identify the driver.

If the cop did not do an identity/persons lookup, there has to be a law that pardons you. Call the "Bar Association" of the city/state that you live in and they normally offer free counseling between you and a lawyer for the first phone call. Write down as many questions as you can think of to ask the lawyer before you make that phone call.

Good luck.

heartbreaker said...

omg damn shawn, well atleast you know what to do, i hope it works out and gets better for you, i can imagine how emotionaly draining that can be, but you are always so positive about things, so i'm sure you will continue to stay optimistic and keep your head up

Ty said...

Wow, Shawn. Well, it sounds worse than what it is, I'm sure. It always does. But you will soon look back on this, in other words, this too will pass. Stay encouraged.

ReddMann said...

My identity was stolen awhile back so I know the feeling. It is amazing how much work you have to go through to prove who you really are.

fuzzy said...

Well you Know I got ya back and I always will. I've offered my ideas on the situation and hope you take my advise. I sent the last "Word 4 Today" for a reason. You better leave all your heavy loads in 2006. Persue your stepfather wisely. you want justice, but remember the scripture says "vengence is mine saith, the Lord". Do what you must and again I got ya back!

Valentino said...

Damn...thats too bad for a person you should be able to have as a father figure to steal from you and jeapordize your're strong enough to get through it tho...we all got ur back in one way or another...

Marz said...


(I've been MIA because I've been incubating a deadly virus. LOL)

I know you'll get through it!!!

This reminded me of one of my friends who goes around taking tickets off of cars. (He's a mess.)