Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I do

...in the deepest of my dreams...

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 10 years now. Even though we met on gay website, we both were only looking for friends. Through the years we have been through our trails and tribulations, but each time, our love always kept us together. Both of us have had our fair share of employment problems, but now I'm with a presitgous company in New York City, and my baby finally got a new promotion, it will finally help us get the house we always wanted. We will be sharing the house with my bestfriend and his boyfriend, and it is a dream for all of us to finally be together as a family under one roof.

One month ago was our anniversary. We have always spent our anniversaries just me and him, but this time we wanted to invite our friends, and some family to a banquet in our honor. You don't see a lot of gay relationships last this long, so we wanted people to know that it is possible. Some of my friends write for a couple of gay magazines like CLIK and Ballroom Rockstar, and they decided to write an article on us. I was so excited! Even some of our old blogger friends will be there.

Since New Jersey legalized civil unions, a lot of places have been very gay friendly, so finding an affortable place that made our guest feel comfortable was pretty easy. We wanted the event to be magical and artistic. It's pretty cold in Febuary, so we wanted to do a winter theme. Everyone would drive up to the entrance and walked directly to long the Icy-Blue carpet, with ice statues on the each side. They were images of a male couple in various poses, very romantic! As you walk in, a host dressed in a sky blue tux greated you in French, Spanish, and even some in Japanese. A lot of people was quite impressed but confused from the dialect, but the host would explain themselves in English as well.

As you walk into the ballroom, There were two long tables on each side of the room. Each table could easily fit 40 people. The center was used for the host to serve, and for entertainment during the event. Man, you should have seen it! There were chandeliers with ice crystals handing down, and the walls were filled with beautiful lights of different shades of blue. At the end of the room was a table were me and my baby sat. Behind us was Beautiful ice sculpture of me and him locked in a kiss. It was a sight to see! It brought tears to my eyes! The guest were seated, and the food was really good. For entertainment, we had dancers, singers and even a comedian who was quite funny!

At the end of the night, my baby had a special gift for me. A Host rolled out a really huge box wrapped in a bow, almost the size of him. He pulled on the bow, and the box collapsed on all sides, unleashing balloons into the air. Everyone was in awe. Then on the bottum of the box was a small blue box. He picked it up, walked towards me, and got on one knee...

I was so shocked, I didn't know what to say! I knew what was about to happen, but I didn't know this was happening right here, right now. So he's on one knee, and all the guests are just watching and smiling. One of my friends even shouted out "You Better Say Yes, Boy!" He looks me in my eyes and says:

"I have loved you ever minute,
every hour & every day of my life.
I have loved you, even before I met you,
because you emcompass everything I've been looking for.
And, here you are in the flesh,
right before my eyes, and you are here with me.
It's not about living each moment of my life with you,
but making ever moment with you last a lifetime.

I love you."

By this time, I'm standing there shaking, and crying at the same time. He opens up the box really slow, and all I can do imagine what the ring looks like. As I gaze into the box, I see nothing there. Everyone else looks at my face in disbelief. Was this all a joke? I look at him, and he smiles. He then says:

"There is nothing on earth
that can symbolize the love I have for you
So I have prayed to GOD to give me
something made just for you."

And as I try and figure out what he means, a spotlight shines to the cealing as string glides down from the heavens, and into my lovers hand. He opens up his hands, and shows me a block of ice. Within it is a ring. He pulls his hands close to his heart, and says:

"My heart burns so strong for you, that the heat will melt this token of love from me to you."

He squeezes the ice with his hands, and I can hear it breaking in his strong hands. Within his palm is my ring, from GOD, sent from the heavens, and made just for me. He pulls the ring out, wipes his hands, and places it on my finger.

"Shawn, Will you Marry?"

I look into his eyes, and smile. And shed a tear, thanking GOD under my breath for sending me such a beautiful man into my life. hold his hand, and Isay.

"I Do!"

He gets up, and I kiss his soft lips like I have never kissed him before, as all the guest clap and cheer.

...I woke up that morning with a smile on me face...


fuzzy said...

wow that was amazing! did you dream this last night? and again I say wow!

Ladynay said...

Wow indeed! That was a beautiful dream! I am surprized you didn't wake up crying!

ponoono said...

well if the block of ice melted.. i guess that qualifies as a wet dream right?

u r a cute couple...

how come fuzzy has to bend down to kiss you? ;-)

celebrate your year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhozHe said...

10 years us special, congrats.

WhozHe said...

I meant to say 10 yeays is special.

Queer Kid Of Color said...

Ok, so I'll be the one writing for the magazines on your wedding,lol.

Secondly, Ballroom Rockstar doesn't exist anymore.

Thirdly, this was so beautiful! I'm so happy for you and Fuzzy!

kennyking78 said...

You had better shut up!!! That was truly the most beautiful thing I have ever read! I almost cried at the thought of it all.

I am a believer in making dreams come true. Good luck to you.

Valentino said...

oh my...you done made me mess up my contact lenses !!!!