Sunday, September 17, 2006


Why did I have a dream that I was at this huge Black Gay Party at GIANTS Football Stadium, and I invited my MOM to come along! There were half naked men walking around, and my mom was just looking around like, "What is going on?" I was so embrassed, lol. Then Fuzzy walks by, says hi to me, then walks off. "Um... where they hell you going,"I said.

"I'll be right back!" I bet you will! Then in the main arena, was a Iceskating Gay Parade! It was dark, strobe lights were everywhere, and the House music was pumping. The weirdest part was the "Hollywood Squares" Set up, where in each box was a couple of men acting as if they were having sex!

One square had a man tied up, while he was sucking his, umm... love below. Another square had two guys doing it Ruff Ruff-style. Another square had a couple kissing... upside down. Only in my imagination!

This weekend is going pretty well. My Boyfriend finally got a job in his career! I'm really happy for him. It has been a struggle, and I have been struggling with him. Money always effects any relationship. When one person doesn't have money to go out, or pay for certain things, the other has to pull the weight. I will always be there to support my Fuzzy, but I'm happy that money will be coming in. Even better then that, he's finally cooking! He's even training to be a Manager, so now he can take me to Jamaica, lol!

I love Fuzzy so much. It going on 7 months now. We met as friends, went through our own personal stuggles, and we still end up on top. He's laying on the coach now, knocked out! We just got finish watching Soul Food (Got the first season on dvd from Walmart for $20)! We could have went to the club with Omar and J, but we decided to go home. I joked with him, about us wanting to go home and just chill really made us feel like a old married couple. But I look at it this way. What other guys go to the club to find, is what we have. So I treasure that. We still go to the clubs, just once in awhile. Yet, I enjoy the quiet nights at home with my man.

Here is a picture of me and Fuzzy on Valentine's Day

It really makes me think about how lucky I am to have him after two of my friends broke it off with there lovers. You want your friends to be happy like you. I hate to see my friends become "bitter" towards men, calling them dogs, and having no faith in gay relationships. What can you do?

Well it seems like I lost my work out partner. He has a new part time job, and we won't be able to work out like we do during the week. sigh. I can't be discouraged. Fuzzy gave me his ab machine, so I'm going to use that, and continue running and riding my bike. The diet is on and off, but I have been eating more consiously! I think once I start seeing results, then I will become more serious about it.

My friends have been ragging on me on my dance videos. Now everytime we go to a party, and "Sexyback" comes on, I have to perform, lol. Babysteps people, babysteps! I have been inspired by new music from Justin, Beyonce, and Janet, so I might do another practice video soon.

Who knows!


// ShawnQt //


Ladynay said...

That dream was odd.

Yay 4 the fuzmister!

The v-day pic is cute.

You set yourself up by doing those videos, you can't help but to turn around, open your legs, pop your butt, and lift your shirt up when you hear the chorus to sexyback! HAHAHAHAHA

fuzzy said...


uhhh I'm so happy for the job, and the QT will see the benefit to being an "ol' married couple" with me! Plus the free food is a great benefit!

FOCUS, the dream was an odd one! Not quite sure why you dreamed such things while you're laying next to me...

CJ said...

Tell me who your workout partner was so i can kick his ass. How dare him!!

Jamal K. Franklin said...

Awww...that's hot. You and Fuzzy! When's the baby due?!?!

Yea, I have that one person I dream about...long story though!

Coming Into Reality,

Dayne Avery said...

Let me interpret this dream... The ice skating is you wating to free yourself sexually to do the things you saw in the squares. You want to go bang bang bang with the fuzzster.

Just playing. But, for some reason havent been remembering my dreams. I would love to say I had a dream like that.

antneya said...

That was a wild dream...congrats to you and Fuzzy it is special to have that bond wioth someone else...keep it up!

ReddMann said...

I need Dayne to stick to his day job.... the dream no more Funyuns (or however you spell those nasty ass chips) and jalepenos before bed.... and I do have one person I dream about but I can never see his face

Marz said...

I've been having strange dreams too lately. But I guess it's better to have them than to dream and not remember them.


And YES, my parents with that money, always acting a damn fool. "You spent the entertainment money on your hair so we can't go out". ( BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH)


Anonymous said...

Gay relationships never become successful for I stopped trying altogether!

Anonymous said...

Hold the phone. Did the Captain finally admit to having done the nasty with another penis? Strange...... I always knew he was as Wendy Williams would say..Pinky's up.